The best wrap around curtain rods to black out your room

In addition to protecting your furniture from harmful UV rays, wrap around curtains are energy efficient. We lose heating and cooling through uninsulated windows. It won’t dramatically lower your utilities but ensconcing your windows in fabric is a good way to help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Did you know sunlight can bleach your furniture? If you want your dark woods and vibrant upholstery to keep their rich color, then you need to protect them from UV rays. Wraparound curtain rods shield the interior of your home from sunlight, prolonging the lifespan of your paint, furnishings, and decorations. We found some of the best wrap around curtain rods on the market to help you find the perfect one for your home.

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtain Rod

Best Overall

If you want a sleek, stylish wrap-around curtain rod capable of supporting heavier curtains, AmazonBasics has a good one. It can support up to 20 pounds, so it's perfect for thick curtains that block out the light. Adjustable from 48 to 88 inches, it suits most window sizes, and it comes with all the hardware you need to install your new curtain rod.

Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod

Best for Double Curtains

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom dark and cozy is to invest in a good set of blackout curtains. With this double curtain rod from Umbra, you can hang blackout curtains behind a more stylish set of curtains to block out the maximum amount of light and sound.

The unique, curved design allows you to pull your curtains flush against the walls, so not even a sliver of light can get in. All the hardware is included, and this double curtain rod fits windows 28 to 48 inches.

Kenney Adler Wrap Around Curtain Rod

Best Industrial Design

Perfect for windows from 28 to 48 inches, this wrap around curtain rod by Kenney is perfect for those who love the industrial aesthetic. It comes with screws, drywall anchors, and a handy instruction manual to make the installation process easier. The matte, slightly aged finish looks stylish in a modern room, but it also pairs well with traditional or vintage decor.

Whether you work nights, enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, or simply want to block out as much light as possible, a wraparound curtain rod is essential for keeping your space dark. From sleek and minimal to hefty and industrial, there’s a fantastic wrap around curtain rod that will flatter your style perfectly.