The best waterproof pillow protectors to guard against mildew and stains

What are some necessary materials and features in a waterproof pillow protector? For one, it should be made from a performance fabric that helps keep you cool at night. And for another, it should sport antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains and odors. These leading waterproof pillow protectors offer that level of performance and protection.

Waterproof pillow protectors are ideal in summertime to help ensure any sweat doesn’t stain or damage your favorite pillow. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable at night, the protectors can ward off bedbugs and keep allergens out of your pillow. These dependable and functional waterproof pillow protectors can keep a lot of unwanted things away from your pillow.

Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Protector

Best Overall

With so many waterproof pillow protectors to choose from, what’s a solid overall one? The Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Protector fits that description. The set of two standard-size, hypoallergenic covers features breathable membranes designed to prevent dust, pollen, and other allergens from penetrating a pillow’s surface. The all-cotton protectors also help keep bodily fluids, sweat, and bed bugs away from pillows.

Niagara Sleep Pillow Protectors

Best Value

Need top value and protection from a waterproof pillow protector? Then consider the Niagara Sleep Pillow Protectors. Sold in a four-pack of white covers at an affordable price, the protectors have microscopic pores in their polyurethane membrane designed to provide protection from saliva, perspiration, and other liquids. The sealing zipper closure is stitched with an auto-locking slider to prevent any accidental opening.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Pillow Encasement

Best Bug Proof

If making sure bugs don’t get onto your pillow is your number-one objective, take a look at the Utopia Bedding Zippered Pillow Encasement. The two-pack of queen/standard pillow covers features high-quality zippers and double-hemmed stitching to provide a higher level of protection from bedbugs and dust mites. Polyester-knitted jersey fabric helps increase comfort while a polyvinyl chloride or thermoplastic polyurethane coating on all sides boosts its waterproof effect.

Don’t wake up to find stains on your pillow from drool, sweat, bugs, or mold. Keep all of that and more out by using one of these high-performing and highly regarded waterproof pillow protectors.