The best waste baskets to keep your space clean and tidy

You don’t want empty food packages, scraps, and wrappers cluttering up your kitchen, but you don’t want to take them out to the bins individually. Buying a waste basket for your kitchen will help cut down the mess and reduce the number of trips you take to the dumpster.

Have you ever scarfed down a granola bar and tucked the wrapper into your pocket because you were too busy to walk to the nearest trash can? Keeping a small waste basket by your desk keeps the crumbs out of your clothes and off your floor, so you can get back to work without worrying about having to clean up. We’ve reviewed some of the best waste baskets around to help you find the right one for you.

AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket

Best Simple Design

Small enough to fit beneath any desk but large enough to hold your unwanted paperwork, this sleek mesh design from AmazonBasics makes a great paper waste basket for any home or office. This waste basket is made from durable steel, so the sides won't warp out of place if the container is full. The mesh finish creates a blurred effect, making it difficult for prying eyes to make out what's inside.

Household Essentials Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket

Best Natural Fibers

If you love the natural, organic look, this wicker waste basket from Household Essentials is a great option. It has a metal frame for stability, and the decorative wicker has been coated to protect it from humidity, making it a great option for a kitchen or bathroom. The dimensions are 10 in. x 10 in. x 10 in., providing adequate storage space for your waste.

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Rectangular Waste Basket

Best with Matching Bathroom Set

For those who love sleek, minimal lines, this waste basket from iDesign is a good choice. Modern design can often feel cold, but this warm, bamboo veneer provides a welcoming feel to any space. With dimensions of 10.5 in. x 5.75 in. x 10 in., it can hold plenty of waste. You can also use it as a stylish storage container. The available matching bathroom set makes this a great option if you like everything to have the same finish.

Whether you like open waste baskets or waste baskets with lids, they’re a necessity for every home and office. Waste baskets have enough space for you to dispose of your daily clutter without having to take it out to the dumpster. You’ll love how neat and tidy your space looks when your trash is where it belongs — in a waste basket.