The best vases to decorate your home with

Don’t forget that vases can make great gifts, too. A special vase can be the perfect wedding gift or birthday gift, and the recipient will think of you every time they fill it with flowers.

Vases are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of style and color to your home. A great vase will pair well with a beautiful floral arrangement, but many vases can also be used as decor on their own. Consider buying multiple vases in similar styles to create displays on your shelves and tables.

Rivet Rustic Tall Cylinder Vase

Best for Plants

The Rivet Rustic Tall Cylinder Vase makes a great flower vase or planter, but it also livens up a room all on its own. Crafted from 100% stoneware, this vase features neutral colors that will complement most rooms and decor schemes. Its modern aesthetic and durable design mean this vase is one that you’ll use for years to come. Choose from three beautiful colors and six sizes.

Sullivans Small White Vase Set

Best for Display

The Sullivans Small White Vase Set is beautifully paired and will make a great addition to your tables, shelves, and more. These decorative vases offer a rustic touch and they look wonderful on their own or when holding flowers. They’re waterproof, so they can hold fresh or faux flowers. Also, the inclusion of three different sizes means you can pick the right vase for the arrangement that you’re working with.

WGV Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase

Best Modern Design

Change things up with the WGV Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase. This vase has a modern design that’s perfect for homes, offices, weddings, and more. It’s entirely hand-blown and measures about 0.2 inches thick for durability. The top rim is precisely cut, and a thickened bottom creates a sturdy base. Choose from three different sizes.

The right vase can make your floral arrangements look beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a vase for your home, your office, or ever for a gift for someone special, these picks deliver quality, durability, and beautiful style sure to make a great impression.