The best reading pillow for a comfortable reading session in your bed, chair, or nook

Reading for long periods of time may strain your neck or back if you don’t have proper support. A reading pillow you can use in your bed, on the living room couch, or on the carpet allows you to lean back and enjoy your novel. We’ve revealed our favorite reading pillows on this list to help you find the right model for you.

A bed pillow for reading typically offers arm, back, and neck support. More compact models that you can move throughout the home focus just on arms and backs. Memory foam and shredded foam are popular stuffing, while velour is the top choice for covers.

Reading pillows also act as back supports for infants just learning how to sit up on their own. These soft cushions contour to the body for a more comfortable fit for a wide range of body sizes. Now, let’s check out your best options.

Husband Pillow Backrest Pillow

Best with Neck Support

The dark gray reading pillow from Husband Pillow features a removable neck roll attachment and shredded memory foam stuffing in a large size. If you constantly suffer from strained muscles or discomfort, this is the best option for neck support. Its micro plush cover is gentle on skin for optimal comfort.

Milliard Reading Pillow

Great for Lower Back

The Millard reading pillow is great for lower back support when you’re reading or doing work on the floor. If you find the stuffing is too plush, you can remove the memory foam inside for a better fit. When the cover needs cleaning, simply toss it in the wash with your regular laundry. The soft velour cover has a built-in carry handle for easy transport throughout your home.

Vekkia Premium Soft Rest Pillow

Best with Arm Pocket

Ergonomic and customizable, the reading pillow from Vekkia is also the best option with an arm pocket for small items. Once you get into a work groove, you won’t have to worry about getting up for snacks, your smartphone, or headphones. This pillow includes an extra pack of foam so you can increase or decrease the amount of stuffing inside the washable cover. Use a dampened cloth for spot cleaning or leave it in the wash for a thorough clean.

Reading pillows allow you to get comfortable and stay comfortable when you’re invested in a good book or a serious study session. Memory foam filling, smooth covers, and ample neck support make reading pillows essential for beds, couches, and floors. Fortunately, any of the reading pillows on our list work well wherever you choose to set up camp in the house.