The best pool skimmer baskets to keep your pool cleaner for longer

Whether you have a chlorinated or saltwater pool, an automatic pool skimmer is a good investment. Make sure that to go along with your skimmer, you purchase basket replacements as well. Also make note of what models of skimmers the basket you are looking at fits.

An automatic pool skimmer is the easiest way to keep your pool clean. However, some maintenance is still required of you! For instance, your skimmer’s basket will periodically have to be cleaned and occasionally replaced. Let’s have a look at a few of our favorite pool skimmer basket replacements.

Hayward Basket Replacement for Automatic Skimmers

Best Overall

The Hayward Basket Replacement for Automatic Skimmers is an affordable pool skimmer basket. Note that this basket only fits select Hayward skimmer models. You can conveniently check whether it will fit your automatic skimmer prior to purchasing. Customers say that it is durable and sturdy.

Pentair IntelliFlo Pool Pump Basket

Slimmest Model

Pentair’s IntelliFlo Pool Pump Basket is white in color. It helps to keep your pool clean by catching floating debris. It only fits some Pentair model skimmer baskets, but luckily you can check to see if it will fit before buying it using Amazon’s handy tool. Reviews note that this pool skimmer basket is a good value and easy to install.

GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket

Most Versatile

The tower vent of GVT’s SP-HP Skimmer Basket lets you pick up the basket to empty without getting your hands wet or dirty. It protects your pump from going dry. This pool skimmer basket fits a number of different models. Though it is costlier than other baskets, this one has the added benefit of a handle.

Pool skimmer baskets come in a number of shapes and colors to ensure you’re purchasing the right one for your pool! It is always great to have a backup basket on hand in case yours breaks. For that reason, consider buying more than one at a time.