The best planters to house your precious plants

Planters are as decorative as the greens themselves. To enhance the decor of your home, place your plants in an attractive planter that matches your sense of style. Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, you can use these planters to make your space beautiful and sophisticated.

Not all plant varieties have the same needs. Finding the planter that helps them thrive depends on your plant’s size, shape, and light requirements. Our collection of favorite planters includes a range of solutions for you to help your greens grow to their full potential. Check out our top picks and find the perfect one for your seedlings.

Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

Best for Deep Planting

With a clean modern look, the Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot is a functional planter for indoor or outdoor plants. It’s designed for plants with deep roots needing a large amount of dirt to grow and stay healthy. With a built-in tray and lightweight plastic material, this polished pot protects your flooring and surfaces.

Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed

Best Raised Planter

Your urban garden feels like a personal oasis with the Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed. Dig your hands into the dirt and create a beautiful space without having to bend over and hurt your back every time you care for your plants. With a capacity of 31.7 gallons, this raised garden bed features a self-watering planter box and drainage plug to maintain the perfect growing environment. It helps prevent root decay and overwatering, to make gardening easier for you.

MyGift Ceramic Succulent Planter

Best Indoor Planter

Your succulents and other small plants will look lovely in the MyGift Ceramic Succulent Planter. Its compact design and minimalist style keep your plants looking great while ensuring proper drainage. It’s a one-of-a-kind indoor planter that makes a wonderful present for a loved one’s kitchen, home office, or living room.

The pleasure of gardening is even greater with a beautiful planter to complement your greens. With the right planter, your indoor or outdoor plants have a home to grow and stay healthy. The items on our list ensure that your garden looks great while making it easier for you to care for your plants.