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The best outdoor water fountains to spruce up your garden

Outdoor fountains need to withstand the elements and still perform reliably. When shopping for a fountain, look for one equipped with a durable pump and made from materials intended for outdoor use.

There are countless ways to put water fountains to use around your home. Outdoor solar water fountains are ideal for locations where it’s hard to run electricity, like bird baths. Decorative fountains can be placed on your patio or even in your garden. There’s no limit to the ways you can put fountains to work — maybe our top picks will inspire you?

OKMEE Solar Fountain

Best for Birdbaths

The Okmee Solar Fountain is completely solar-powered, so there’s no need to worry about electrical hookups. This makes it an ideal choice for bird baths, as well as small ponds and garden settings. Its 4-in-1 nozzle is easy to operate — just rotate it to select the water style you want. A filtration box helps to keep dirt and debris out of the motor, ensuring you can enjoy this fountain pump for years to come.

Peaktop Water Pot Fountain

Best Pot Fountain

With its exquisite design, the Peaktop Water Pot Fountain is sure to turn heads no matter where you position it. This beautiful fountain is available in three vibrant colors and will be right at home in your garden, on your patio, or by the side of your pool. Vibrant LED lights are ideal for use after dark, and a six-foot power cord gives you plenty of choice in where you place this fountain.

Alpine Corporation Rock Water Fountain

Best Large Fountain

Standing 23 inches tall, the Alpine Corporation Rock Water Fountain is a perfect addition to your garden or even to a room within your home. Its realistic design looks just like real stone, adding a natural touch to any space. The four-tier design creates a relaxing water flow and rugged polystone and fiberglass construction ensures it will stand up to outdoor use. It includes a high-performance pump and adapter.

Outdoor water fountains can transform and enhance your garden, patio, and yard. These fountains are all built to be dependable and rugged enough to withstand the outdoor elements. Any one of these fountains will be a great choice when decorating your yard.