The best insulated curtains to save money on energy costs and protect home interior from sun damage

During harsh winters and blazing summers, blackout curtains are essential for retaining indoor heat and absorbing outside temperatures, respectively. They also keep light out so you can sleep if you work the night shift. Luckily, we’ve compiled this resourceful list of the best insulated curtains available to help you find the right panel for your room.

Blackout curtains are made of thick materials like polyester and polyester blends woven together using thermal insulation techniques. These curtains keep interior temperatures stable and can keep furniture and flooring from fading due to prolonged sun exposure. Most thermal insulated curtains come in sets of two panels in a standard 42-inch by 63-inch size that sit just below the average windowsill. Let’s check out your best options and see which fits your window best.

Deconovo Room-Darkening Insulated Curtain

Best Overall

The Deconovo thermal insulated curtain is the best overall choice for blocking out light, heat, and cold. It’s engineered with triple weave technology that ensures the majority of UV rays and sunlight stay out of your home. This curtain also reduces outdoor noise, making it ideal for nurseries. Note that the 42-inch by 63-inch panel is ideal for covering average size windowsills.

BGment Insulated Room-Darkening Curtains

Softest Material

The award for softest material goes to the BGment microfiber blackout curtain. Although lightweight and silky soft, it shields your room from sunlight, cold temperatures, and outside noise effectively just as well as heavy alternatives. Keep this curtain clean by tossing it in the washing machine regularly on a gentle cycle with cold water. Dry on a low temperature setting.

H.VERSAILTEX 100-Percent Blackout Curtains

Most Energy Efficient

If you want to cut down on energy bills due to poor insulation or ineffective window coverings, consider this energy efficient blackout curtain from H.VERSAILTEX. It features a 100 percent UV ray blackout fabric made of machine-washable, high density polyester. The silver metal grommets accommodate standard curtain rods.

Thermal insulated curtains are essential for night-shift workers, infants, and light sleepers. These helpful curtains block out heat, cold, sunlight, UV rays, and noise to make your rest time truly relaxing. You’ll also eliminate TV glares, sun damage on floors, and color fading on furniture with a pair of blackout curtains on our list.