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The best baby pool floats to aid your child while learning to swim

No matter your baby’s age, he or she could benefit from swim lessons. To acclimate your child to the water before starting lessons, consider purchasing a baby pool float. These handy products keep your baby safe and happy. This leaves you feeling relieved and your child feeling a sense of achievement.

Baby pool floats let your baby swim in water independently. You won’t have to worry about safety since they have secure seats or straps. Think about the style of pool float you want to purchase — vertical or horizontal. Keep reading to get details on some of the best baby pool floats on the market.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float

Best With Canopy

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float is recommended for babies ages 9 months to 24 months. It has a soft mesh seat and the special inner ring is springy to help maintain its shape. This baby pool float has two air chambers for added stability. Its canopy has UPF 50+ sun protection.

Intex My Baby Float

Best Value

Intex’s My Baby Float is a round ring with an inner ring for added stability. The entire pool float is made of coated plastic. It also has a pillow-like backrest for comfort. This pool float has dual air chambers.

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swim Float

Best First-Time Swimmers

Unlike most other baby pool floats, this one places babies on their stomach. This allows them to learn to propel themselves forward with their feet. The new version of this float has a canopy, too. It comes in different sizes to fit babies of various ages. It is quite portable, as all you have to do is deflate and fold it.

Baby pool floats do more than just entertain your baby in the water. They let your child develop new skills all by themselves, learning about water in the process. Consider buying one if your baby is over 3 months old so they can start learning to swim right away! Using a baby pool float is one of the safest ways to introduce children to swimming.

21Oak Contributor
21Oak Contributor
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