The best fountains for decorating and serenity

Don’t forget water fountains can serve important functional purposes, too. A fountain can help to aerate water in a pond, making it a healthier environment for fish. Moving water in a birdbath can make it difficult for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, minimizing the bugs in your yard.

Water fountains can be the perfect addition to any space. They can complete a garden or liven up a patio. They’re also a welcome touch of nature when placed in an office or den. When choosing a water fountain, consider its size and style to make sure that it’s right for the space you’re decorating.

OKMEE Solar Fountain

Best for the garden

With the Okmee Solar Fountain, there’s no need to worry about electrical hookups. The sun delivers 2.2 watts of power to run this pump. Use the 4-in-1 nozzle to choose the spray you like best. A filtration box helps to ensure durability and keep the pump working well. With its 6.3-inch diameter, this pump is ideal for bird baths, as a garden decoration, providing water circulation and oxygen in a fishpond, and more.

Alpine Corporation Rock Water Fountain

Best Large Fountain

The Alpine Corporation Rock Water Fountain delivers a touch of tranquility and nature to your outdoor space. This realistic fountain will be right at home in your garden, yard, patio, or other outdoor or indoor setting. It’s weatherproof and rust-resistant, so you can enjoy its calming presence for years to come. LED lights are attention-catching and make this fountain ideal for both daytime and nighttime use.

HoMedics Relaxation Fountain

Best for Indoors

With its Zen-like atmosphere, the HoMedics Relaxation Fountain is a decorative accent, perfect in your living room, den, bedroom, or other space. The three-tiered waterfall is Asian-inspired and features a soft, warm light for a tranquil atmosphere. It’s powered by a submersible pump and features an on-off switch for easy operation.

Fountains can serve many purposes in your life, but it’s important to have the right fountain for the right job. These fountains deliver quality, reliable performance and look great while they’re doing it. With your new fountain running, it will be time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds.