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The best flower vases that are functional and decorative

You’re not one for displaying photographs or setting out a decorative tray, but still want to dress up your accent tables. A carefully chosen flower vase is your best friend when it comes to no-fail home goods. These subtle accents elevate your style in an effortless way compared to painstakingly curated arrangements. We’ve listed our favorite brands here to help you decide.

A tall flower vase, a small flower vase, a repurposed water jug vase — a flower vase is indeed a versatile accent. Glass and ceramic are the more conventional choices, whether it’s painted or left unfinished. Quirky flower vases include original designs like metal jug vases, milk cans, and light bulbs.

Besides the vases themselves, what makes them work well is what type of flowers you use and where you’ll be placing the vases. Synthetic flowers are great if you don’t want the upkeep of real bouquets, though some vases actually work as terrariums for succulents or air plants. Take a look at our collection for more details.

Sullivans Small Ceramic Vase Collection

Best Overall

The Sullivans set is a trio of ceramic vases in different heights and widths. Keep it neutral with distressed white or gray, or make a colorful statement with the multicolor or red set. Each vase has a one-inch opening for different plant stems, though they look just as good unfilled. Beyond your coffee table, this set looks great as dinner centerpieces, bathroom counter accents, or mantelpiece decor.

WGVI Slant-Cut Glass Bowl

Best for Diy Terrariums

The WGVI vase is a bowl-shaped glass container best used for DIY terrariums. At 5.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide, you can comfortably fill it with stones, wood chips, or gravel, and top it off with your favorite cacti, succulent, or other low-maintenance plant. Its slant opening makes filling up the vase hassle-free.

VANCORE Shabby-Chic Pitcher

Best Giftable Flower Vase

The VANCORE vase is a reinvented water pitcher with a wide mouth that accommodates small floral arrangements. A distressed seafoam green paint oozes of rustic charm and style. Fill the vase with wildflowers or other similar species and you’ve got a charming gift for any friend or family member.

A flower vase is a guaranteed way to breathe some life into a lackluster room. If you have ample space with bare furnishings, a set of three or more can give your room some much-needed centerpieces. Otherwise, smaller vases in interesting designs make thoughtful accents to your existing arrangement. Thankfully, all the vases our list are versatile enough to work in any home.

The best plate hangers for palatable home decors
the best plate hangers cups and hanging on wooden wall in kitchen

Use the plate hangers we’ve curated for this list to bring personality and style to an otherwise bare a boring-looking wall. Go out on a yard sale hunt, come back home with a bottle of wine, and transform your living space in an evening without breaking the bank.

Plates transform into remarkable wall art and turn into a flexible decor technique. Shape a gorgeous focal point in your home such as your dining room by displaying a mix of assorted shapes on the wall. Vintage plates are fun to find at thrift stores and can bring a shabby-chic, vintage, or rustic vibe to your house.
Hillman Plate Hangers 
Best Overall

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The best corner bookshelves to show off your favorite books and knickknacks
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A corner bookshelf provides a lot of space to show off your favorite books or your best knickknacks. To improve the look of your living room, den, or other highly used area of your home, review these corner bookshelves to choose one as your showstopper.

Corner bookshelves can be classy by sporting a classic wood look or a more modern one by providing a glass or floating appearance. No matter which look appeals to you, consider one of these corner bookshelves as part of your search.
Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Shelving Unit
Best corner bookshelf overall

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The best metal wall art that will instantly dress up your space
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Metal works of art add texture and distinct character to a room. Varied materials offer an array of choices from moody brass to contemporary steel. We’ve made a list of our favorite metal wall art to help you decide on the best accent for your wall.

Your choice of metal wall art will depend largely on size, metal type, and appearance. Think about whether you’re looking for an accent piece or a showstopper. Common materials include steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and copper. From cool steel to warm brass, choose a material that meshes well with the rest of the room. Take a look at our picks for inspiration.
It's Cactus Small Birds Flying 
Best Overall

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