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The best floating shelf hardware for an affordable DIY upgrade in your home

The rock-solid framing that holds up a floating shelf is called the floating shelf hardware. It is the solid base that holds the shelf and accompanying items, so it is important to ensure that it is strong and sturdy. This hardware is completely customizable to any space. You can use minimalist hardware for an understated look or industrial hardware for a strong, impactful design. Regardless of your choice of floating shelf hardware, you will love how easily customizable and fun it is to install and use.

Floating shelves are a piece of home decor that often don’t get the attention they deserve. They are space-saving, modern, and beautiful. They can add a classy, fun look to any space while providing you with fun storage for picture frames, fine china, and more. These shelves fit practically anywhere and don’t take up any floor space. But the look of these floating shelves would be ruined with ugly hardware. And the hardware doesn’t have to be hidden. It can be a beautifully designed statement in any room and on any wall. You will love the endless possibilities and space-saving features of floating shelves.

Bravo! Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets

Best Minimal Design

The Bravo! 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets are constructed of durable steel to help keep your shelving secure and stable. These brackets come in a set of four to provide ample support for any shelving unit. These brackets can support up to 100 pounds when used together. They are super easy to install with a drill and a screwdriver. The brackets are available in a number of sizes and colors.

PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Pipe Shelf Brackets

Best Industrial Design

If industrial design is the look you’re after, then you’ll love these brackets constructed from actual plumbing pipes. These brackets are incredibly sturdy and strong to ensure your floating shelves never wobble. They come with the necessary screws and tools you’ll need for installation. You can choose from 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch brackets depending on what size shelf you are planning to install. These brackets come in a pack of 4.

NACH Shelf Bracket

Best Classic Design

The NACH Shelf Bracket comes in small, medium and large; the medium sized is 10.6 x1.96×10.6 inches. Pre-drilled holes make installing these brackets, which are made from cast iron, fast and easy. These brackets, available in black or white, are designed to have a rustic style that you will love and can be paired with a variety of floating shelf designs for a perfect combination. These brackets can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them super versatile.

Floating shelves are a great, current trend in the world of home decorating. They create an airy, modern feel to any room and provide instant, extra storage place. You can add them to your pantry for more shelving or make them a statement piece on your living room wall. The options are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of whether you need more shelving space or simply want to add a fun flair to your living room, a floating shelf will help it feel fun, modern, and unique.