The best fabric shower curtain liners to keep your bathroom dry

A long, fabric shower curtain liner may seem like a bad idea because of the fact that it is fabric. But unlike fabric shower curtains that are usually made of natural materials, you can find them made out of polyester and nylon. These are great alternatives to thick, vinyl curtain liners that are functional but not the easiest to work with. A fabric shower curtain liner will flow easily and not be as annoying to fiddle with in the shower. The biggest advantage of fabric liners is that you can throw them in the washing machine to clean them instead of having to wipe the whole panel down.

These liners come in all sorts of colors and styles. You can get solid colors, like brown, gray, and classic white, and find fabric shower curtain liners that complement any kind of fabric curtain you have up in your bathroom. The biggest benefit of a fabric shower curtain liner is that it moves and feels like a regular curtain. You no longer have to have thick plastic against you while you shower. Instead, you can have a soft and natural-feeling curtain that still works like a plastic shower curtain.

N&Y Home Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

Best with Magnets

The N&Y Home Fabric Shower Curtain Liner is weighed down with magnetic weights on the corners, which will keep the liner in place. The buttonholes on the top of the curtain make it easier to hook on without any clashing grommets in the way. Watch the water glide right off the polyester fabric, which is closely knit to help water slide off without getting absorbed.

Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain Liners

Best Water-repellant

You will watch water slide off easily from the Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain Liners. The polyester fabric liner feels soft to the touch, and you will not even realize it is made out of man-made fabric. The fabric will resist soaking, even in a moisture-rich bathroom. The grommets at the top are rustproof, and the bottom is weighted to keep the fabric taut while in use.

Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Liner

Best Weighted-bottom Hem

Although many curtain liners boast a weighted bottom to keep their curtains in place, the Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Liner is designed to be effective without it being a hindrance to you. The weighted-bottom hem is all across the fabric, so you have an even distribution of weight at the bottom of the curtain. The fabric is a soft microfiber that will repel water quickly while in use.

A shower curtain liner is an indispensable part of the bathroom, and having one that looks and feels great just adds to the whole feel of the bathroom. Invest in a high-quality fabric liner so that your bathroom stays dry and clean.