The best extra long shower curtain liner to make bath time splash-proof

If your shower is larger than normal, it can be challenging to find a single liner that fits. Thankfully, these extra-long shower curtain liners will ensure your shower has wall-to-wall coverage that will keep you safe and keep the rest of your bathroom dry.

Liners are usually paired with another shower curtain and are not meant to be used solo. Since these liners are usually translucent, they may not give the privacy you want when showering. Having a dedicated shower liner for your shower or tub ensures that water stays in the shower instead of dripping outside.

LiBa Shower Curtain Liner

Best Antimicrobial

For those who want to avoid possible mold or microbial growths on your shower curtains, then the LiBa Shower Curtain Liner may be the right choice for you. These shower liners are antimicrobial so you can limit the amount of times you will have to change the liner. The liner also has no odors detectable even though it is antimicrobial, so you can get in and out of your shower without being plagued by any chemical smells.

AooHome Frosted Shower Curtain Liner

Best with Clipping Magnet

The AooHome Frosted Shower Curtain Liner gives you a high-quality EVA liner that is frosted for a beautiful aesthetic that will fit in any bathroom’s decor. The liner comes with reinforced metal grommets so you won’t have to worry about any accidental rips where it is attached. It also has magnets at the bottom so the liner stays in place.

mDesign Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

Best Mildew Resistance

When you want to prevent mildew as much as possible on your shower curtain liners, the mDesign Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner will be your best friend. Even in the midst of the moisture-rich bathroom setting, the vinyl liner keeps mildew from growing on it. The grommets are rust-proof so you can ensure a solid ring that will stay on the shower rod without fear of breaking. The liner also features a weighted hem so it will not move when in use.

An extra-long shower curtain liner can benefit your bathroom’s quality in the long run. It will keep moisture inside your shower so your floor stays dry, it will keep your regular shower curtain free of possible mildew, and it can also add an aesthetic flair to your bathroom.