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The best DIY butterfly houses for the budding entomologist

A butterfly house plan teaches more than science. It gives you and your children an opportunity to care for living creatures. With these educational activities, you witness a transformation process that enriches your home-school curriculum and makes family memories.

When fun and education come together, kids are excited to learn lessons that last a lifetime. With the butterfly houses on our list, students observe and experience concepts firsthand. They bring home learning to the next level, so the whole family participates in your child’s education. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

RESTCLOUD Insect And Butterfly Habitat Cage

Best Overall

The RESTCLOUD Insect And Butterfly Habitat cage terrarium is a professional monarch butterfly habitat. Its sturdy build and superior airflow enhances your experience, while keeping your butterflies safe as they go through an amazing life cycle. With its large zipper and spacious design, you can fit up to two milkweed plants inside the habitat. Feeding butterflies becomes easy, comfortable, and fun.

Oxel Butterfly Habitat

Best Mid-Range

With five mesh sides, the Oxel Butterfly Habitat is a comfortable 24-inch environment for butterflies. It promotes healthy airflow and can also serve as a home for ladybugs, praying mantises, or other small animals. The fine mesh keeps ants, wasps, or other predators out of the habitat, so you can keep your butterflies safe as they grow.

Trasfit Insect and Butterfly Habitat

Best Value

Breed multiple generations of butterflies with the reusable Trasfit Insect and Butterfly Habitat. This spacious butterfly house features five mesh panels with an easy viewing window to enhance your science experience. It includes a side zipper door for easy feeding and collapses when not in use.

Bring nature into your home and observe the process of insect life with the butterfly houses on our list. They’re the perfect companion to science lessons or a fun way to connect with garden creatures. With the items on our list, you and your family will create memories that encourage a love for the environment.