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The best curtain rod brackets to fully support your curtains

Loose, unstable curtain rods can be dangerous as well as unsightly. Thankfully, you can eliminate a saggy curtain rod in just a few minutes with our top picks for the best curtain rod bracket.

Curtain rods need support every 30-36 inches, so the best way to keep your curtains secure is using a high-quality adjustable bracket for a curtain rod. Most curtain rod brackets come with all the hardware you need, so installation is quick and easy.

Finding the perfect finish to match your curtain rod won’t be an issue, as curtain rod brackets are available in a variety of colors. We’ve put together a list of the best brackets for a curtain rod to help you keep your curtains in place.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Curtain Rod Wall Bracket Hooks

Sturdiest Curtain Brackets

If you love the sleek, modern look of nickel hardware, AmazonBasics’ curtain rod brackets are a great choice. These brackets, which come in a set, are made from durable steel.

Because they’re adjustable, you’ll be able to use them no matter how close or how far your curtain rod protrudes from the wall. Best of all, the hardware is included, so you won’t have to hunt down the right size screws for the job.

TEJATAN Adjustable Curtain Rod Brackets

Best Black Metal

These adjustable curtain rod brackets from TEJATAN are available in a six-pack, allowing you to stabilize multiple curtain rods with just one pack. The stark black finish allows you to keep your metal finishes cohesive throughout your home. Each pack comes with all the screws and anchors you need to install your curtain rod brackets, so there’s no guesswork or hunting down the right size screw involved.

Ivilon Brackets for Curtain Rods

Best Bronze

Ivilon’s curtain rod brackets are a fantastic option if you love the timeless look of oil-rubbed bronze. These brackets are perfect for those with classic taste in home decor. Because they’re heavy-duty, they can also support heavier curtains than many other brackets. This pack includes two brackets with screws, wall anchors, and a set of instructions to help make the installation process as simple as possible. These rod brackets are compatible with any curtain rod from 7/8 of an inch to 1 inch in diameter.

While curtains and even curtain rods are viewed as essential, you can’t forget about curtain rod brackets. Curtain rods need extra support to keep heavy curtains in place, avoid ugly sagging, and prevent damage to your curtain rod. You’ll be amazed by how neat and tidy your curtains look when they have the additional support of a curtain rod bracket or two.

The best wall art for living room transformation
the best wall art for your living room woman in red hanging pictures

Carefully selected wall art for your living room lets you show off your sophisticated, artistic side. A work of art on your wall also takes advantage of underused space. Here are our top choices for the best wall art to help you decide on the best one for your living room.

Wall art isn’t confined to paintings or family photographs. There is three-dimensional wall art that may double as lights. Wall art also comes in different media and presentations such as multiple panels or metal works. Size, aesthetic, and functionality are important factors to pay attention to when hunting for the right piece of living room wall art. Let’s look closely at our favorite selections.
Natural Art Flower Canvas Wall Art
Best Square-Shaped Wall Art

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The best canvas wall art that will liven up your space
the best canvas wall art with floral and abstract themes woman hanging picture 2 1200x9999

Make a statement and let your personality show in the way you decorate your home with one of the amazing options we have carefully selected based on their artistic value, quality of printing, manufacture, and customization options. This list is sure to make your decor shopping a breeze.

With the amazing collection of canvas wall art that we have selected, you can add a touch of rustic imagery to your home, brighten a wall with an abstract painting, or use your own Instagram-worthy photos to print a custom kit. They are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the interior decoration of any space.
wall26 Retro Flower Wall Art
Best floral canvas wall art

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The best paint pens for your arts and crafts projects
the best paint pens for fabric metal car wood and glass art supplies watercolor of drawing

Set aside the brushes if you have a delicate craft project or an outdoor surface that needs paint. A much better way to go is to use a paint pen, and these models are most likely just what you need.

Paint pens can be used outdoors -- such as on a car’s windows or painted portions -- because they adhere well to surfaces that aren’t porous, such as plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, and stone. These paint pens are top options for either indoor or outdoor uses.
Artistro Paint Pens
Best overall

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