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The best bird houses to attract wildlife to your garden

Birds are fun little animals to watch, especially when they feature beautiful vibrant colors like red cardinals or yellow warblers. The best way to attract these flying beauties is with a hanging bird house. Birdhouses provide the local birds with a safe and warm place to build a nest and raise their babies, so you can have a great time admiring the process.

Birdhouses are a great way to give back to nature. Providing some local birds with a warm home and safe environment is a great way to make them feel welcome. You can add a decorative birdhouse to your backyard, allowing you to admire them from a distance and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Perky-Pet Wren Home

Best Fir Birdhouse

Designed simply, the Perky-Pet Wren Home lets the stunning wood grain do all the talking when it comes to design. It lets simplicity add a beautiful effect to the overall look of this birdhouse, making it perfect for fitting into the natural environment around it. Made from fir wood, this birdhouse is durable, sturdy, and strong, making it the perfect place for birds to call home.

Nature's Hangout Window Bird Feeder

Best with Feeder

The Nature's Hangout Window Bird Feeder is a great way for birds to eat in a warm place, while you can admire from a distance. With a completely clear structure, this birdhouse is one window into the life of birds. It is made from clear acrylic to ensure a strong and sturdy structure that can hold up against rain and wind.

Nature's Way Bird Products Wren House

Most Durable

Built with thick, cedar wood, the Nature's Way Bird Products Wren House was designed with strength and durability in mind. The brown structure and dark brown roof allow for this birdhouse to fit in beautifully with the natural environment around it. It also features a small opening under the roof to allow for plenty of airflow to enter the birdhouse for extra comfort.

Decorative birdhouses are available in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes. They can oftentimes be just as beautiful as the birds that call them home. So, if you’re looking to add one of these fun interactive pieces to your backyard, check out the best of the best for the perfect hanging bird house.