The best toothpaste tablets

Minding the health of your teeth while minding the environment can go hand in hand with toothpaste tablets. You can chew them to help remove stains and prevent cavities, then recycle the packages they come in. These toothpaste tablets cover those bases.

Toothpaste tablets come in handy when there’s no water available to brush teeth with toothpaste. The chewable tablets are designed to dissolve, then saliva helps form them into a type of paste. Explore these toothpaste tablets if convenience, as well as the environment, are top of mind.

Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets

Best overall

Denttabs tablets are a top overall choice when it comes to protecting the environment as well as teeth. Available in a 125-piece recyclable bag, the chewable toothpaste tablets are designed to be 100% eco-friendly.

Chewtab Gentle Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Best environmentally friendly

Chewtab toothpaste tablets use baking soda, which is effective at removing surface stains with an extremely low abrasion rate. Baking soda creates alkalinity that helps remove stains, whiten teeth, and strengthen enamel.

Simplut Toothpaste Tablets

Best for travel

Traveling is a high consideration at times when purchasing toothpaste tablets. To that end, Simplut Toothpaste Tablets are designed for camping and traveling. The chewable tablets are available in a 60-count, easy-to-store bottle.

Whether you’re on the go, in a dental-care pinch, or in a save-the-environment frame of mind, these toothpaste tablets can help meet your teeth-care needs.

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