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The best shower stool for comfort

A wooden shower bench with a hand towel on top

Taking a shower should be an enjoyable, relaxing, and safe experience. For those who have mobility issues, seniors, or those who prefer to sit while showering, a shower stool is an essential accessory. They offer a secure place to sit in the shower, reducing the risk of slips and falls while providing extra stability and comfort.

With a variety of shower stools available, it’s essential to know which ones stand out above the rest. That’s why we’ve meticulously combed through ratings, reviews, and features to bring you the best shower stool designs on the market in 2024. This article will highlight these top products and delve into their unique features and benefits, starting with our top choice from EcoDecors. Whether it’s comfort, durability, or usability you’re after, we aspire to aid you in your search for a shower companion that’s just right for you.

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The best shower stools

EcoDecors shower stool

EcoDecors shower stool – Best overall

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The EcoDecors Serenity shower stool is crafted from natural teak wood. This shower stool is not just a bathroom accessory but a beautiful piece of furniture that adds a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Its sturdy teak construction makes for durable and long-lasting use.

This shower stool features a curved seat that’s not only comfortable but also prevents water accumulation for dry and comfortable seating. The flared non-slip legs provide reliable stability, while the adjustable foot pads make it easy to find your ideal height. With an 18-inch 2-tier design, you’ll have ample space for seating and an additional shelf for your shower essentials. Its 100% hardwood construction is naturally resistant to water damage, boasting a durability that’s four times harder than bamboo. The stability, durability, and comfort this teak wood shower stool provides earned it the top spot on our list.


  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Beautiful natural teak design
  • Non-slip rubber nubs on legs


  • Some parts require force to fit together
Medokare shower stool

Medokare shower stool – Most stable

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The Medokare shower stool is an ideal choice for promoting safe independent bathing. Especially designed for seniors, handicapped, and disabled individuals, it offers an unmatched level of safety and stability to help prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. The strong metal legs and non-slip rubber feet ensure that the stool stays firmly in place with every use.

This shower stool features an extra wide padded seat to comfortably support weights up to 350 lbs. The unique micro-drainage holes add to its safety and comfort, draining water as needed to prevent accumulation and reduce slipping risks. The lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver, and with seven adjustable height settings, it’s simple to select the perfect height. This supportive stool even comes with a shower head holder for extra convenience, and a shower bag to seamlessly transport essential hygiene products when necessary.


  • Provides stability and independence
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Comfortable with adjustable height


  • Might be too wide for some users
Rohkex Corner Stool

Rohkex shower stool – Most versatile

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The Rohkex heavy-duty corner bench is a multifunctional shower stool for shaving your legs comfortably, storing your towels and toiletries, or as a stylish storage option in any room of the house. No matter how or where you use it, this stool can deliver the reliable support you need.

This durable and waterproof shower stool features premium, rust-proof materials that prevent mold and decay for reliable, long-term use. The firm plastic construction mimics authentic wood aesthetics while being much easier to clean and maintain. The stool’s height can adjust to your ideal preferences, while the rubber feet effortlessly protect your floors or provide added stability in the shower. Its easy assembly also makes it a breeze to set up for indoor or outdoor use. This stool’s range of applications is so versatile, that you may just want more than one for multiple spaces in your home.


  • Multi-use as stool, shelf, or table
  • Durable, easy-to-clean material
  • Rubber feet add extra safety


  • Some may find the seat too small
Thirteen Chefs shower stool

Thirteen Chefs shower stool – Most stylish

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The Japanese shower stool by Thirteen Chefs can elevate your shower or bath into a truly luxurious experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this backless Satori-style stool features tropical Acacia wood that efficiently resists discoloration and mold growth while adding a beautiful and authentic piece to any decor.

Not only is this wood shower stool visually appealing, but it also provides optimal stability for shower use. The flared legs prevent slipping while keeping the chair firmly in place. The legs are also reinforced with connected beams and metal hex bolts, allowing you to relax in the spacious, slightly curved seat with peace of mind. You’ll be able to enjoy your stylish new chair in no time thanks to the straightforward assembly process. Plus, a portion of your purchase will go to the National Forestry Foundation tree-planting program, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.


  • Authentic Japanese-inspired design
  • Sturdy construction is resistant to water
  • Comfortable to sit on without slipping


  • Lacks rubber bottoms to prevent scratches
Medical Shower Stool

Drive Medical shower stool – Most compact

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Perfect for compact bathrooms, the Drive Medical round shower stool doesn’t compromise on performance or safety. It’s crafted from durable aluminum and boasts tarnish-resistant, crack-resistant legs that can be easily adjusted in 1-inch increments. You won’t have to worry about unexpected leg movements or annoying rattling, as the handy support collar keeps everything in place.

This small shower stool has a pinch-free covering, allowing you to adjust the height without hassle or discomfort. The non-slip rubber tips on the legs provide added safety, making it an ideal choice for most showers and bathtubs. Designed by bath safety experts, this stool can help promote mobility, prevent pressure, and encourage a safe and independent lifestyle. It’s more than a stool — it’s a reliable bathing aid that combines ingenuity with safety and makes comfortable shower seating accessible to all.


  • Stable and does not wobble
  • Adjustable height for comfort
  • Lightweight and easily movable


  • No drainage holes in the seat

Shower stools: A buying guide

Selecting the best shower stool requires careful consideration of various factors, such as material, safety features, portability, and more. They come in a range of styles, sizes, and designs, catering to a variety of preferences, needs, and bathroom sizes. The right shower stool can truly enhance your showering experience, making it a relaxing and safe part of your day

By understanding the features outlined in this buying guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find a stool that offers comfort, safety, and independence in your daily shower routine. So, take your time, consider all the factors, and make a choice that’s right for you.


Your shower stool should be sturdy, durable, and resistant to rust and mold. Aluminum shower stools are a popular choice due to their lightweight and resistance to rust. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, a teak wood shower stool is not only durable and water-resistant but also adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your bathroom. However, they may require additional maintenance to prevent mold and mildew.

Weight capacity

Safety is the top priority when choosing a shower stool. Make sure the stool you choose has a weight capacity that can comfortably and safely support your weight. Most standard shower stools can support up to 250 lbs, but if you require a higher weight capacity, there are heavy-duty stools available that can support up to 500 lbs.

Adjustable height

Everyone is different, and so is their preferred sitting height. Hence, having an adjustable height feature on your shower stool can make it more comfortable to use. Look for stools that offer a wide range of height adjustments. Some models offer a tool-free adjustment feature, which can be a handy timesaver.

Non-slip feet

The bathroom can be a slippery place, and the last thing you want is for your shower stool to slide around. Non-slip feet are, therefore a must. Rubber feet can provide excellent stability and won’t scratch your bathroom floor. Some stools even come with suction cup feet for extra security.

Seat design

A well-designed seat can significantly enhance your comfort. Contoured seats can provide better support, especially for prolonged use. Drainage holes in the seat are also important to prevent water from pooling, which can cause slips and falls. Some stools also offer padded seats for added comfort, but these might require more thorough cleaning to prevent mold and mildew.

Ease of assembly

While most shower stools require assembly, the process should not be a hassle. Look for stools that come with clear instructions and require minimal tools. Some stools even offer a tool-free assembly, which can be a great convenience, especially if you’re not a DIY expert.


If you’re a frequent traveler or if you need to move your stool around often, portability should be a key consideration. A lightweight and foldable shower stool will be easier to carry and store. Some models even come with built-in handles for simple transport.

Shower stool FAQs

Q: What is a shower stool?
A: A shower stool is a water-resistant chair designed for shower use as a safety measure for people who may find it difficult to stand for long periods. It also provides convenience to make showering a more comfortable experience.

Q: How do I use a shower stool?
A: To use a shower stool, place it in your shower area, make sure it is stable, and adjust the height according to your needs. Once adjusted, you can sit on it while taking a shower.

Q: Are shower stools adjustable?
A: Yes, most shower stools come with adjustable legs allowing you to change the height of the stool to match your requirements.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my shower stool?
A: To maintain your shower stool, clean it with mild soap and warm water after each use to remove soap scum and prevent mold or mildew build-up. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the stool’s surface.

Q: What can I do if my shower stool becomes unstable?
A: If your shower stool becomes unstable, check the legs and make sure they’re securely tightened. If a leg has damage, you may need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Some models have rubber tips on the legs for added stability, so ensure these are not worn out.

Q: Can I use a shower stool outside of the shower?
A: Yes, the shower stool is versatile and can be used outside the shower as well. However, it’s primarily designed for wet environments, so it may not be as comfortable as regular chairs for prolonged use.

Q: What’s the maximum weight capacity for a shower stool?
A: The weight capacity varies depending on the model and brand. However, most shower stools can hold between 200 and 300 pounds. Always check with the manufacturer for the specific weight limit of your stool.

Q: Do I need any tools to assemble my shower stool?
A: Most shower stools are easy to assemble and don’t require any special tools. However, it’s best to check the instructions provided with the product.

Q: Are shower stools slip-resistant?
A: Yes, most shower stools come with slip-resistant rubber tips on the legs for added safety. However, always ensure you place the stool on a flat and non-slip surface.

Q: How do I store my shower stool when not in use?
A: When not in use, you can simply leave the stool in the shower or disassemble it and store it in a dry place. If leaving it in the shower, ensure it does not obstruct your normal shower routine.

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