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The best oxygen absorbers

Make sure you don’t confuse oxygen absorbers with a desiccant like silica gel. The latter is packaged similarly, but its effect is limited to moisture control, while oxygen absorbers provide broader protective properties. If you are into dehydrated-food storage, the options presented to you here will keep your pantry well-stocked for any unforeseen circumstance.

When used properly, oxygen absorbers for food storage are an inexpensive and harmless method to preserve food. For decades, these little packets have prevented oxidation and inhibited bacteria and mold growth. This solution increases the shelf life of packaged food exponentially. Prevent deterioration of the color, taste, flavor, nutrition, and texture of foods with our suggested options.

PackFreshUSA Oxygen Absorbers

Best overall

Further your disaster-preparedness efforts with the reliable quality of the PackFreshUSA Oxygen Absorbers, a pack of 100 for some serious food storage action. This model is up to 10 times more effective than air-sealing in reducing oxygen from your closed containers.

Oxy-Sorb Oxygen Absorbers

Best value oxygen absorbers

Increase your product’s shelf life on a budget with the Oxy-Sorb Oxygen Absorber, an incredible value for the level of performance it delivers. This nontoxic formula prevents the growth of pathogens, molds, and larvae spoilage. It also includes a color-changing freshness indicator, for your safety and convenience.

Dry-Packs Bag and Oxygen Absorber Kit

Best oxygen absorber kit

The Dry-Packs Bag and Oxygen Absorber Kit is the best-bundled solution we could find. This 10-pack of ready-to-use sets is comprised of a mylar bag with a 5-gallon capacity, paired with an Oxy-Sorb oxygen absorber for food storage. This combo is considered the most efficient way to preserve large quantities of food for up to 30 years. You can effortlessly use a hot iron to seal the mylar bag.

Stay prepared and don’t let any of your dehydrated foods go to waste with the right food-storage method. Oxygen absorbers are a proven way to save your packaged and canned rations from the usual spoilage suspects: mold, airborne pathogens, and oxidation. Keep your long-term emergency reserves safe and ready to save you with our top-rated suggestions.

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