The best ironing-board hangers

When ironing time is over, you need a good place to store your iron and board. You also need a well-designed hanger or holder to keep it all organized. These models can suit your needs.

An ironing-board hanger or ironing-board holder needs to fit most standard-sized irons and be wall-mounted or fit over-the-door needs. Here are some hangers and holders that fit the bill.

mDesign Metal Ironing Board Holder

Best overall

A good overall ironing-board hanger is available from mDesign. The company’s metal wall-mount ironing-board holder features a large storage basket and a matte black finish.

Brabantia Wall Mounted Ironing Board Hanger

Best heat resistance

Heat resistance is key with an ironing-board hanger, so you can quickly store a hot or warm iron. Check out the Brabantia wall-mounted hanger that is produced from heat-resistant materials. It’s designed to store a still-warm iron.

Whitmer Over the Door Ironing Caddy

Best over the door hanger

Sometimes, the best way to store an iron is with an over-the-door hanger. That’s exactly what the Whitmor Ironing Caddy does. It also stores laundry items behind a door to maximize laundry-room space.

Keeping an ironing board and iron in a good place and in good fashion shouldn’t be hard. And it isn’t when it comes to these ironing-board hangers and holders.

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