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The best concrete sealer of 2024

best concrete sealer From driveways to patios, concrete surfaces are ubiquitous in our urban landscape, yet they are vulnerable to the elements, wear, and tear over time. To maintain durability and enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, it is crucial to use a concrete sealer to provide a physical barrier. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of concrete sealers, exploring their importance, functionality, and the myriad benefits they offer in preserving and enhancing the longevity of your concrete investments. We’ve also put together a buying guide that will help you find the perfect product for your needs. Read on for all the details! beest concrete sealer

BEEST CS-9500 Concrete Paver & Stone Sealer – Best Overall

Buy Now The BEEST CS-9500 doesn’t just protect; it actively repels water. With a clear finish and a natural look, it enhances the aesthetics of your driveways, bricks, and patio pavers rather than overshadowing them. What truly sets this concrete sealer apart is its quick absorption. It sits on the surface, actively absorbing into the concrete and stone, providing enduring protection. It works hard, treating up to five gallons per gallon of sealer. It’s not just about quantity, though. The quality of protection it provides is unparalleled. Its high-quality formula and quick absorption make this sealer the best overall on our list. Pros:

  • No white film post-application
  • Quick absorption into concrete
  • Plenty of coverage


  • Instructions may be complicated
foundation armor concrete sealer

Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer – Best Long-Lasting Protection

Buy Now The 5-Gal. SX5000 WB DOT Approved Concrete Sealer repels water with precision, safeguarding your concrete surfaces from wear and tear. Whether applied on concrete pavers or natural stones, this sealer penetrates deeply and seals the surface while maintaining its original appearance.  Don’t worry about reapplying every few months; this sealer offers long-lasting protection, demonstrating its superior effectiveness over other brands. The sealer doesn’t stop there either, it diligently works to hinder mold and mildew growth, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family. Plus, it adeptly combats staining, keeping your surfaces looking their best. Pros:

  • Long-lasting concrete protection
  • Easy and quick application
  • Enhanced water resistance


  • Product may be absorbed unevenly
ghostshield concrete sealer

Siloxa-Tek 8500 Concrete Sealer – Most Durable Seal

Buy Now With just a single gallon of the Siloxa-Tek 8500, you can effortlessly create an enduring seal. Unlike other sealants, this sealer penetrates deeply, forming a strong bond with the substrate, hence, amplifying its durability and protective capabilities. It actively seeps in, providing a clear, protective layer that guards against water damage and salt degradation.  It also guards against the degradation triggered by freeze-thaw damage, significantly reducing cracking, spalling, and pitting. Moreover, it’s not just about protection; this concrete sealer also maintains the natural appearance of your surfaces, so you’re not trading aesthetics for functionality. Pros:

  • Penetrates deep for durability
  • Effective water repellent
  • Does not change color of surface


  • Requires more product for porous surfaces
mason defender concrete sealer

All Purpose Concrete, Brick & Stone Sealer – Best for Maintaining Natural Appearance

Buy Now The All Purpose Concrete, Brick & Stone Sealer ensures your surfaces stay water-resistant and maintain their natural aesthetic appeal. This sealer works marvelously on porous, exterior, brick, concrete, stone, cultured stone, sandstone, limestone, and granite siloxane sealer surfaces. This solution effortlessly penetrates the pores of concrete surfaces, establishing a seal that locks out water, all while preserving the natural look of your stone and concrete. It doesn’t alter the color or dull the texture of your stone, concrete, or brick. It remains transparent and allows the authentic charm and character of stone and concrete to shine through. Pros:

  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces
  • Offers long-lasting water resistance
  • Does not alter the color or sheen


  • Does not cover a large area
best concrete sealer
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Buyer’s Guide to Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealers are an essential part of any construction project, providing a layer of protection and enhancing the overall durability of your concrete surfaces. However, the myriad of options available can make choosing one quite challenging. That’s why this guide will help you navigate your way and ensure you make a smart, informed choice.

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Type of Sealer

First things first, you need to decide on the type of sealer that best suits your needs. Penetrating sealers penetrate the concrete to form a chemical barrier that shields against moisture. They are a great choice for exterior surfaces as they offer excellent durability and do not change the appearance of your concrete. On the other hand, topical sealers create a protective layer on the concrete surface and are ideal for indoor spaces due to their aesthetic appeal. They come in different finishes, including gloss, matte, and semi-gloss.


Performance is all about how effectively the sealer can provide the protection you need. Some products offer superior resistance against water, salts, and other chemicals. Others excel in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the concrete, providing a glossy shine or a wet look. Evaluate your requirements and choose a sealer that performs exceptionally in those areas.

Ease of Application

When buying a concrete sealer, take into account its ease of application. Sealers are available in different application modes, including sprayers, rollers, or brushes. Some may require professional expertise to apply, while others are DIY-friendly. Consider your comfort and proficiency level with the application methods before buying.

Drying Time

The drying time of the sealer can influence your project timeline. Some sealers dry quickly, while others may require up to 72 hours before completely drying. If you’re working on a time-sensitive project, opt for a fast-drying concrete sealer.


Of course, price is an important factor in any buying decision. The best concrete sealer doesn’t always have to be the most expensive one. Rather, consider the value the sealer provides. A high-quality, long-lasting sealer might be a little pricier upfront, but it may save you money in the. long run as you won’t need to reapply it frequently.

Brand Reputation

Finally, don’t overlook the brand’s reputation when buying a concrete sealer. Established brands usually have a track record of producing reliable, high-quality products. Check out online reviews or ask for recommendations from industry professionals to find a brand you can trust.


Finding the perfect concrete sealer can feel like a daunting task, but with this guide, you know how to make the right choice. Evaluate your requirements and consider the factors above, and you’re sure to find a product that ticks all your boxes.

Common Questions About Concrete Sealer

Is concrete sealer safe?

Most concrete sealers are safe once they have fully dried or cured. However, they can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed during application. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using a concrete sealer.

How do I apply a concrete sealer?

To apply a concrete sealer, the concrete surface needs to be clean and dry. You can use a roller, brush, or sprayer to apply the sealer. You should apply two coats for optimal protection.

Can I use a concrete sealer indoors?

Yes, certain types of concrete sealers you can use for indoor use. However, ensure good ventilation during and after the application process, as some sealers emit strong fumes.

How long does a concrete sealer last?

The longevity of a concrete sealer depends on the type of sealer, the condition of the concrete, and the amount of traffic it gets. Generally, a good quality sealer should last between 1-5 years.

When should I reapply concrete sealer?

You should reapply the sealer when you notice the sealer wearing off or the concrete showing signs of moisture absorption. On average, you should reseal every 2-3 years.

How do I clean a sealed concrete surface?

You can clean a sealed surface with mild, non-acidic soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the sealer and the concrete underneath.

Can I use concrete sealer on old concrete?

Yes, you can apply a concrete sealer on old concrete. However, you should thoroughly clean the concrete and remove any existing coating or sealer before application.

What is the best time to apply concrete sealer?

You should apply the sealer when the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees. Avoid applying the sealer in direct sunlight or if it will rain within 24 hours.

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