The best breath strips

To avoid the embarrassment associated with bad breath, grab a breath strip. A fast-acting option, the strips can quickly kill up to 99 percent of odor-producing bacteria in your mouth. These options are attractive ones.

Breath strips can eliminate the bacteria that cause mouth odors in less than a minute. Most strips also are sugar-free. Consider these breath strips when bad breath strikes.

Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Pack

Best overall

If you’re seeking a single pack, the Listerine Cool Mint breath strips that come in a 24-strip pack are a good choice. The breath strips are designed to dissolve instantly to kill bad-breath-causing germs.

Listerine Cool Heat PocketPaks Pack

Best cinnamon flavor

If cool mint isn’t your flavor of choice for a breath strip, then how about cool heat? Listerine Cool Heat PocketPaks are a top choice with a spicy cinnamon flavor. Plus, the Cool Heat strips can kill 99 percent of odor-causing germs, according to lab tests.

Listerine Cool Heat PocketPaks Value Pack

Best value

Interested in a good breath strip that’s available as an attractive bulk buy? Then stock up on the Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks that are sold as 12 24-strip packs totaling 288 strips. Each strip quickly dissolves to freshen breath fast. Listerine received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance for the breath strip.

When you need a fast and easy-to-use option to control bad breath — especially when you’re on the go — a breath strip is a top one. Check out these breath strips the next time mouth odors are apparent.

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