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The best wind chimes for a harmonious home

You can usually find wind chime sales in your local home furniture store, but they may be plain, tacky, or do not sound good. You want to make sure that the wind chime you purchase will enhance your outdoor area with a beautiful sound created by the wind. We found the top-rated wind chimes for your porch or backyard sure to meet your standards.

A few essential parts of a wind chime makes them twinkling music makers. Suspension cords help keep the chime together and one cord holds any centerpieces and sails. The suspension platform, near the top of the chime, separates the cords into the different sections creating the its shape. The clapper is what strikes the tubes in the middle of the wind chime. Sometimes, there is a sail at the bottom acting as a decoration piece and stabilizer. All of these pieces come together to make the symphonic wind chime’s sound.

Kooalo Wind Chime

Best Stone Wind Chime

Kooalo Wind Chimes are made of beautiful volcanic gemstones sliced to show off their intricate organic patterns — this unique material makes each wind chime special. The agate stones adds an exotic touch to your personal retreat, and they will chime as gentle breezes pass through. Imagine the melodic sounds gently lulling you into a soothing state of relaxation.

SuninYo Wind Chime

Best Tonal Variety

If you want to hear a true symphony with a range of tones and notes, the SuninYo Wind Chimes are arranged to make melodious sounds utilizing 18 tubes of differing lengths. When they chime against each other, they give off a rich and soothing tone from the durable aluminum alloy chimes. The wooden suspension platform and the staggered lengths of the cords make for a waterfall look of neutralcolored chimes.

Spoontiques Butterfly Handpainted Metal Chime

Most Colorful Wind Chime

When you want a pop of color, the Spoontiques Butterfly Handpainted Metal Chime offer bright and pigmented colors that are sure to stand out against the blue sky. The 17-inch wind chimes are made up of multiple glass and acrylic butterflies. The colors reflect a beautiful rainbow blend that will bring in more hues to your backyard.

These wind chimes add soothing tones to your garden and welcome you to a relaxing haven in your home. Let the wind chimes swing in the breeze as you relax in the comfort of your backyard.