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The best sun catchers for your windows

Give that window a lil’ something extra by picking a suncatcher off our list. Looking for a nice gift or for a piece to spice up that next DIY design project? Then consider grabbing one or two of these suncatchers.

A suncatcher can bring uniqueness and character to a room and a window but picking the right suncatcher to bring about a look that suits your environment should be a priority. When choosing a sun catcher from our list, you may want to think about how it fits in with the decor and color choices in your room. You also want to consider how you plan to hang the catcher. Our list has a few different options in catchers of different sizes, colors, and designs but all of them are tasteful and elegant.

JIHUI Crystal Pendant Suncatcher

Best Pendant Style

JIHUI Crystal Pendant Suncatcher offers a simple yet elegant aesthetic, that can work on a large variety of windows are other pieces. The catcher is not made from plastic or acrylic and is weighty for its relatively small size. There is a hole drilled in the crystal to assist with easy hanging.

Best Chandelier Style

Best Chandelier Style

This piece is something special with a collection of rainbow chakra crystals, complete with a large 30mm crystals stone at the base. This piece incorporates color and design to bring about a delicate, tasteful look. Includes an easy hanging ring, making window mounting a dream.

KY&BOSAM Butterfly Suncatchers

Best Butterfly Style

Having a special message engraved onto your suncatcher, makes it a unique and personal piece, great for a bedroom window, or as a gift. This Irish-themed Celtic suncatcher has an elegant, butterfly, clover design, and is a wonderful gift or feature for your house.

You won’t believe the difference the small addition of a suncatcher can make to your room when well positioned. Hang one on your window to bring the the beauty of light inside your home. Whether you are looking for an addition to your suncatcher setup, merely need another crystal or two, or if you’re looking for a complete design with color or engraved messages, our list provides suncatchers to bring joy to your home.

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