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The best solar pumps for adding bird fountains and other water elements to you home garden

Your birdbath may not be attracting any wild birds even though it’s full of water and adjacent to a feeder. A solar pump attracts fowl, thanks to circulating water and gentle spray settings, making these products great for any birdwatcher. To help you find the right fountain accessory, we’ve revealed our favorite solar pumps here.

Solar fountain pumps are sun-powered devices you can set afloat on your water fountain, pond, or hydroponic planter. They eliminate the need for external batteries or wires connecting to power sources, though some feature a backup battery for fully cloudy days. Other helpful features include automatic shut-off in the absence of water, efficiency during cloudy days, replaceable filters, and exchangeable nozzles. Take a look at the ones we’ve specially picked out for you.

OKMEE Solar Fountain

Best Overall Solar Fountain

The OKMEE fountain offers four different nozzle settings from single short spout to tall multispout spray. Simply rotate the nozzle to change your water setting. At its highest, the water reaches up to 27 inches on a full-sun day. To protect it against rough outdoor conditions, the solar panel is generated from laminated PET and equipped with a filtration box.

Mademax Solar Bird Bath

Best With Safety Protection

Mademax’s solar-powered water pump boasts a safety-protection feature, sending it to a shut-off status after accurately detecting a water shortage. The kit includes four different nozzles for various water styles and jet heights. A quick three-second startup provides you with water heights up to 27 inches on sunny days.

Viajero Solar Fountain Pump

Most Powerful Solar Panel

Choose the Viajero pump if you need a powerful solar pump for playing in the swimming pool. A 2.5-watt panel and a dual 800 milli-Ampere hour battery pump for the solar fountain (mAh) provide days of fun even when the sun is nowhere to be seen. This pump continues to work even when up to four of the panels are blocked, though it will automatically turn off when the pump is fully obstructed to avoid damage.

A solar-powered water pump works well in any body of water from small bird baths to large swimming pools. If you want your fountain to attract more birds, consider gentler models with adjustable water-spray settings. On the other hand, more powerful solar panels are best for recreation in swimming pools. Try a solar pump from our lineup today to discover how this small device can bring you joy even on the darkest days.