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The best modern dining chairs for those with mid-century taste

A modern dining chair is stylish, easy to clean, and practical. Their no-fuss designs complement a wide range of household decor from a sophisticated dining lounge to an art house bistro. Fortunately, we’ve carefully selected the best modern dining chairs on the market and compiled a list here to help you decide.

Modern dining room chairs often feature an iteration of the Eames chair design with a sensible dining height, scooped seat, and wooden base. The seat itself varies from plastic or leather to linen, while the legs are available in wood or metal. Consider your dining table’s height when shopping for a chair, as this will determine how comfortable it will be to actually eat on.

Most chairs come in a set of at least two, so if you only need one for your dining room, try a chair that you can repurpose for other rooms. Now, let’s check out our favorites.

Furmax Modern-Style Dining Chair

Most Ergonomic Design

The DSW chair is a modern take on the original Eames chair. It features an ergonomic design with a thick back and a reinforced steel frame. With a refreshing white and natural wood colorway, this chair is suitable for midcentury modern themes.

Coavas Dining Chairs Kitchen Chairs

Most Durable Padding

The Coavas four-piece modern dining chair set features the most durable padding for busy households. Protect your floors from scratches and your ears from scraping noises with the provided rubber pads. Four chairs in this set will help complete your dining room seating arrangement.

WE Furniture Company Dining Chair

Easiest to Clean

For industrial-themed homes, consider this faux leather two-chair set from WE Furniture Company. Its key design features are a low back whiskey brown seat, thin metal legs, and a shorter-than-average height. When it’s dirty, simply wipe off the leather with cloth.

When it comes to picking furniture, your dining set needs just as much consideration as your living room seating. Set the tone with modern dining room chairs that are comfortable and practical for everyday use. Choose a modern chair from our list to tie your dining room together.

21Oak Contributor
21Oak Contributor
Don’t celebrate Christmas? Try these winter decor ideas instead
Here's how to decorate in favor of seasonal winter themes
Christmas decorations in house with wall sign on floor

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on all the festive fun. Sure, you may not want a Christmas tree in your living room or stockings hung over the chimney with care, but who said you had to decorate solely for the holiday?

If you want to take part in decking the halls but prefer a more seasonal approach to your decor, then we have some amazing winter decor ideas. Decorating the home during the winter months can be a great way to celebrate the season and welcome in the new year. And even if you don’t celebrate on December 25, you can still make your home look fabulous without opting for classic Christmas tropes.

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What a hardwood contractor says your wood flooring says about you
According to a hardwood contractor, the species, stain, and cut of your wood floors can say a lot about you
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The home is a canvas for your personality, and your interiors should reflect your personal aesthetics. A professional hardwood contractor on TikTok, @lumberjackwoodsupply, says your wood flooring may reveal more about you than you might have thought. Here is what the species, color, and style of your wood flooring say about you (though, of course, some of these are a bit tongue-in-cheek).
What your wood flooring species says about you
If you have lighter, slim, natural pine floors, this TikToker says you likely fall into one of two categories. “You definitely have an appreciation for old things,” says @lumberjackwoodsupply. Alternatively, “you most likely own an old house that had these floors underneath.”
Walnut flooring
Walnut flooring is classy, elegant, and often sold at a steeper price. The hardwood contractor says homeowners with walnut flooring “have taste.”
Red oak
“There’s a good chance you didn’t choose to install this. It was just already in your house,” says this TikToker. But if you did choose to install red oak flooring, “you are either on a budget or you like to go against the status quo.”
Brazilian Cherry
“You probably live in an upscale but slightly outdated suburban home,” says the hardwood contractor. “There’s a good chance you hate the red.”
If you favor the sleek light wood tones of maple flooring to curate an airy and uplifting aesthetic, “You either live on the beach, or you want to look like you live on the beach,” says this TikToker.
Hickory flooring is well-known for its boldness. It’s a unique wood with a quirky grain and various hues. If you have hickory flooring, “you like unique things,” says the hardwood contractor. “You want to be different.”

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King of Christmas trees – do they live up to the hype?
Looking for gorgeous artificial Christmas trees that don't look fake? Check out this brand
King Flock Tree

When mulling over the most festive Christmas decoration ideas to pursue, a lot of people shy away from the thought of using artificial Christmas trees - and for good reason: they look, well...fake. Historically, it has been pretty hard to find a tree that has any sort of semblance to a Fraser, Douglas, Balsam, or Noble Fir unless you are ready to invest a small fortune in a gorgeous Balsam Hill tree. However, over the last few holiday seasons, influencers have been sharing photos of their gorgeous, realistic-looking Christmas trees (decorated to perfection, of course!), attributing them to a brand called King of Christmas.

Let's talk about artificial trees
The artificial Christmas tree market traditionally branches off into two categories. The first? Incredibly high-end, high-quality, real-looking trees, at a price point that matches, with companies like Balsam Hill, National Tree Company, and Frontgate dominating the market. The second category consists of more affordable, but cheaper, looking and feeling trees -- the kind that inspire many to shy away from artificial trees altogether.

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