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The best led curtain lights to set a relaxing mood

You’re trying to find a unique way to decorate an indoor or outdoor space. Maybe it’s for a party, or maybe you just want to feel like you’re in a magical space where friends and family can gather. Or perhaps you just want to create a dream-like atmosphere as your own personal retreat. Curtain lights are the perfect option for a quick, affordable, and impactful change to any space.

LED curtain lights produce a feeling of magic and relaxation in any space that needs a special glow. They are particularly useful in creating walls of light — from ceiling to floor — that can separate spaces or create a certain flow in a room or outdoor area.

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain

Best Warm Light

This special Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain is 99 feet long and adapter powered. The dazzling lights give off a pleasant and luminous warm glow creating a perfectly romantic and calm ambience instantly. Just hang up, plug in, and enjoy.

YEOLEH String Lights Curtain

Most Interactive

This special light curtain has a wondrously interactive feature that takes it up a notch from standard twinkle lights. These lights are not only activated by sound, but it can sync with any voice. USB-powered, the light comes in four distinctive color options: 16 static colors in four modes, color changing, warm white, and white. The lights react to the music and simply twinkle along in perfect harmony. Versatile and festive, the lights can be used to celebrate major holidays including Halloween and Christmas, as well as other special occasions.

Brightown Window Curtain Lights

Best Dimmable Lights

Brightown Window Curtain Lights offer the best dimmable lights for your relaxation needs. The 600 LED curtain lights come with a controller/receiver, a waterproof adapter, a 9.8-foot lead wire, and a smart remote. The remote control lasts up to 6 hours when on and offers several different light modes including waves, slo-glo, slow fade, and more. And for those who like a great dimming option, the remote can also reduce the brightness of the lights with just a click.

If you’re interested in either a dazzling spectacle, a calm magical space, or unique celebration, curtain lights are an affordable and high-impact option for creating the ambience you want. Lights can be enchanting like stars on a quiet winter’s night, or spectacular like the Northern Lights. Either way, window curtain lights are great alternative to traditional fairy lights or solar-powered yard accessories. They’re cost-effective, have multiple uses indoors and outdoors, and can be used again and again throughout the year for every special occasion on the calendar.

The best industrial furniture

If you’re looking to spice up your interior design with natural rustic tones, industrial furniture is the answer for you. Reclaimed wood, distressed dining tables, and natural-looking materials give industrial chic furniture a unique look that is sure to elevate any room. Industrial furniture is the perfect marriage between minimalistic and utilitarian design.

Industrial furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of options out there, how do you choose? We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork to find the best industrial furniture out there.
Coavas Industrial Style Folding Table
Best desk

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The best tripod floor lamps for lights that literally stand out from the crowd
best tripod floor lamps wood vintage light lamp black wall

Casually enhance the atmosphere of your space with an attractive tripod floor lamp. Its broad stance and warmth create a welcoming environment that feels homey. The lamps on our list look great in any room and are a great solution to shine light wherever it is needed.

Standing lights offer ambiance and versatility, as they also add brightness no matter where you choose to place them. Create a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of relaxation in your home with the warmth of a tripod floor lamp. You will love the easel-style legs of this lamp -- they have so much character that you can place them in the middle of an entrance hall or discreetly next to a couch and still make a statement. Let’s take a look at our favorites.
Lepower Tripod Floor Lamp
Best overall

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The best throw rugs for a warm and welcoming home
best throw rugs washable living room white rug with chairs

Throw rugs are the type of details that give homes a more personal vibe. Show your sense of style with a handpicked rug that complements your decor and makes your home feel more welcoming.

Throw rugs are as attractive as they are functional. Use them in open-floor plans to create a cozy nook within a larger space. These casual rugs also protect your floors from damage caused by shoes, pets, or spills. They absorb noise to help create more pleasant acoustics in areas such as hallways. Let’s take a look at our recommended throw rugs to enhance the comfort and warmth of your home.
Maples Rugs Pelham Rug 
Best overall

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