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The best hanging planters for small house plants

There are so many benefits for houseplants that will make you a better and more productive version of yourself. They are shown to help with mental health, because it reminds you of the relaxing outdoors and attaches you to natural beings that increase oxygen circulation and purifying air indoors. Getting into the routine of caring for another living thing also helps people — and plants have way less maintenance than a dog or cat, while still offering a nice presence in your home. .

There is plenty of inspiration for how to hang plants in and around your home. These hanging plant holders are made to serve as beautiful holders for your precious plants. They come in many different styles and looks, from hanging plant boxes that keep your plants against a wall to pots nestled in macrame designs. These are beautiful ways of showcasing the greenery that you take care of everyday.

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter

Best Geometric Design

For those who love straight lines and geometric shapes associated with minimalist art, the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter gives you a sleek design that is pleasing and eye-catching. The white pyramid pot is housed in a wire frame painted to look like brass. The contrast of these two colors features a modern design that will work in a variety of houses and apartments.

Amagabeli Hanging Planter Basket

Best Organic Planter

The Amagabeli Hanging Planter Basket contains a pre-formed coco liner that secures your plants in an all-natural encasing. The coco liner is housed in an elegant steel rod basket using strategically designed curves and lines that frame and showcase the organic liner. You can fit a large amount of plants in this organic planter.

La Jolíe Muse Hanging Planters

Most Weather-resistant

When you want to create an area in your backyard for your hanging plants in staggered heights of interest, the La Jolíe Muse Hanging Planters is a good choice. This planter is sure to house your plants in a strong and durable casing that will hold up to harsh weather. The speckled white design is a simple and subtle design, adding texture to an otherwise blank canvas. You can use these hanging planters indoors or outdoors, and the versatile design will fit in anywhere around your home.

Hanging planters are an easy way to create a home for your greenery, inside and outdoors. Try hanging your plants at varying heights for an eye-catching design. These planters cancomplement your personal taste, while making your home cozier, no matter how big or small.

21Oak Contributor
21Oak Contributor
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