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The best fire tables for an outdoor centerpiece

There are so many ideas for how to arrange a fire table in your backyard to create the ultimate cozy spot during warm evenings with loved ones. You can buy patio sets with fire tables included, so you can sit around the fire in a stylish manner. If you love having cocktails or dinner parties, a fire table lets you entertain guests and keep them warm while also providing them with a convenient place to put down their drinks. These easy-to-maintain fire tables are great for your home.

An outdoor fire pit table is a large, contained fire pit that uses a propane tank that is attached to a burner. You do not use wood, which eliminates ash or smoke. The table is usually started with an electric starter that you access through a dial or button. This new and convenient way of bringing a fire source into your backyard is a great alternative to wood-burning fire pits that may be more unsafe for your area.

Outland Living Fire Table

Best Overall

The Outland Living Fire Table is an outstanding fire pit table with a large and pronounced look and size. The table is 3 square feet with plenty of room on the tempered glass tabletop, which is weather- and heat-resistant. There are 15 pounds of decorative fire glass that fill the middle of the table and showcase the fire when it is roaring hot. The glass and fire are encased in a small pit, so you and your family can feel the warmth without risking your safety.

Tacklife Propane Fire Pit Table

Best Multifunction

The Tacklife Propane Fire Pit Table is outfitted to be a great fire pit and table all in one. It provides ample warmth and a lovely atmosphere, with the propane fire fueled by the hidden propane tank underneath the pit. When not using the fire pit, you can cover it up with the accompanying lid to create a surface to eat on. The rustproof black paint makes sure that the table is safe from the warmth that the fire generates.

U-Max Fire Pit Table

Best with Wind Guard

The glass wind guard on the U-Max Fire Pit Table makes sure you can get the fire you want without worrying about how cold it gets out there at night. The stainless steel burner is covered with beautiful glass fire stones to give you an elegant look to this fire table. You can put on the cover to use it as a flat table, too.

Find which fire table works best for your house and watch it bring new life to your backyard. You can find plenty of ways to engage your family and friends with a warm spot to talk and hang out around.