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Black Friday deal: Cut the cord and get a free streaming device with Sling

Three men watch a basketball game on TV
Sling TV

While many of us are skipping the traditional post-Thanksgiving shopping spree this year, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the Sling TV Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Watch your favorite shows on Sling, which brings live television to your TV, laptop, or phone without cable prices.

We know you’re eagerly anticipating all of the Christmas specials (looking at you, Lifetime movies), especially while cooped up this winter. Sling can swoop in to save you from restreaming old episodes with all the channels you need and none of the ones you don’t just in time for the holidays. The sale has started, so you don’t have to wait to begin watching. It’s three simple steps to unlock shows, sports, and content.

For this Black Friday deal, you’ll also get a free AirTV Mini streaming device with your Sling TV subscription when you pay for your first month. It’s the best way to hook Sling up and bring it easily into your life. AirTV Mini is compact, so it will fit into your space and won’t ruin your aesthetic like a bulky cable box. The dongle connects to your TV and gives you quick access to Sling, Netflix and other apps available from the Google Play store to watch your channels, movies, or listen to music.

Man using his remote to watch Sling TV
Sling TV

The best news is it has Chromecast built-in, along with all the features you need like 4K streaming and voice search. Pairing Sling with your AirTV will seamlessly ease you into life without cable. If you already have one, you can choose another Black Friday sale option. Since Sling is available on other devices with the internet, you get to continue your shows even when you’re not on the living room couch.

When you sign up, you’ll choose between the Blue and Orange packages for $30 per month (or get both for $45). Football fan? You’ll want to go with the Blue package, which includes NFL Network but also has the Bravo, E!, and TLC. This package also works for multiple devices at once, and it’s perfect if you don’t always like the same things as everyone in your household.

Orange is great for anyone with kids as you’ll be able to catch up on the latest from Freeform and Disney. Or you might grab this option if you’re a sports megafan, since it includes ESPN as well as ESPN2 and ESPN3. And you can always add channels to customize your package. No matter which you choose, you’ll be getting dozens of new channels to find your next show.

Whether you’ve already said goodbye to cable or are looking for ways to free up your budget, Sling brings you all the channels you need over the internet. Give yourself the gift of more content to binge watch for the holidays this year by locking in a Black Friday price and completing your TV setup with the AirTV Mini.

Happy streaming!

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