The best sprinkler heads for keeping your lawn healthy, green, and lush

The most important thing to keep in mind about sprinkler head type is to ensure the one you choose optimally covers your lawn. You don’t want large areas of lush green grass bordered by small areas of brown grass. One of these orbit sprinkler heads, pop-up sprinkler heads, and lawn sprinklers is sure to give you the proper coverage you need.

The sprinkler head type you use on your underground sprinkler system will impact how water is distributed to the lawn. For example, orbit sprinkler heads can provide a full-distance and under spray pattern with 180-degree coverage, while pop-up sprinkler heads spray water from 8 to 15 feet in a quarter-circle pattern. For help with choosing the right one, consider these top-performing sprinkler heads. Or, perhaps one of these top lawn sprinklers.

Melnor Lawn Sprinkler

Best Adjustable

To spray water over every inch of your lawn, it helps to have a good adjustable sprinkler. The Melnor Lawn Sprinkler is in that category. The slim yet versatile adjustable lawn sprinkler can be targeted by adjusting its water density and range to save water. Made of high-quality, rust-proof plastic, it’s designed to efficiently spray areas up to 30 feet using residential water pressure.

Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

Best Value Pack

Need a bunch of sprinkler heads at a decent price? Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads have you covered. They come in an affordable pack of five pop-up sprinkler heads with an adjustable nozzle installed on each head. They pop up to a height of 4 inches and can have their arc adjusted — without any tools — from 0 to 360 degrees.

Kadaon Garden Sprinkler

Best Rotating

Need a sprinkler that rotates well? Then take a gander at the Kadaon Garden Sprinkler. The adjustable and weighted sprinkler can rotate 360 degrees and cover up to 3,000 square feet. Its patented, water-saving design enables water to be targeted by adjusting the water density, size, and scope. The sprinkler is ideal for watering medium- to large-size yards.

A brown and distressed lawn is an ugly lawn. Don’t let your grass get to that point. Get one of these adjustable and effective sprinkler heads or lawn sprinklers.