The best soil testers for maximizing your garden, lawn, and plant health

Another critical factor to monitor is the pH value. Knowing the acidity levels of your lawn will help you choose the perfect crops and plants for your type of soil. Also, with the help of one of our recommended soil pH testing kits, you will be able to fine-tune the perfect living conditions for your backyard nursery.

Keeping track of moisture in your soil is really important. If you don’t, you are risking overwatering your crops and hurting the root system. Even worse, you might fail to provide enough water for them to grow and blossom. Avoid such a sad gardening fate with one of our curated soil meters. They all have scientific-grade accuracy and are easy to use.

Yoyomax Soil Test Kit

Easiest to Use

The Yoyomax Soil Test Kit provides an affordable and easy way to measure critical aspects of your soil quality. It is one of the most diverse kits out there, thanks to its comprehensive testing. The same device can measure soil moisture, sunlight levels, and pH levels. Get accurate readings every time with this high-quality instrument.

Atree Soil pH Meter

Most Sensitive Probe

If you are looking for highly accurate measurements, the Atree Soil pH Meter has the most sensitive probes in our selection. This highly accurate reader gives scientific-grade precision on moisture, pH, and sunlight levels. It has a simple, battery-free operation and is the easiest way to keep track of changes in soil quality.

Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit

Best Test Strips

For precise and dedicated acidity readings, the Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit is the way to go. This strip-based kit has a color-coded system that lets you know the current state of your soil. You have 100 tests in each box and can get fast and accurate results. It includes an informational booklet with lime and sulfur application charts.

It is time to know with certainty what your garden needs. You won’t need to guess what your next move should be to grow big and healthy plants. Just get one of our recommended soil test kits and rest assured that your crops are growing in the best environment possible.