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The best skirt hangers for storing pants and dresses without creating wrinkles

There are many skirt hangers available, so you can choose among various styles, designs, and sizes. Your selection likely will boil down to the type, size, and volume of skirts in your closet. The features offered by skirt hangers are a factor, as well. These top-notch hangers should offer the features and function you need.

The best skirt hangers are ones that can handle several skirts without causing creases or fabric damage and that take up very little space in a closet. That way, you can use a number of hangers to hang dozens of skirts without sacrificing precious storage room. These hangers are made from a variety of materials so find the one that works best with your wardrobe.

High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers With Metal Clips

Best Wooden

Wood skirt hangers are a functional and attractive organizational option. Tops in that category are these wooden hangers with metal clips. The pack of 10 high-quality, smooth wood hangers are engineered to last a long time and feature an extra layer of lacquer to help enhance your closet’s appearance. The hangers have chrome-plated clips with a rubber grip to gently secure skirts without leaving a crease.

Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers

Best Velvet

Velvet is a great fabric for a skirt, and it’s a great choice as a skirt hanger material, too. These velvet skirt hangers are a good buy because their soft texture won’t snag or damage delicate clothing. The velvet hangers, which come in a pack of 20, are versatile and functional since they can store skirts, shirts, and pants at the same time. Vinyl tips on the inside of the hangers help prevent unsightly marks.

HOUSE DAY 14-Inch Clear Plastic Skirt Hangers With Clips

Best Plastic

For durability and flexibility, you can’t beat plastic skirt hangers. The 14-inch hangers, which come in a 12 pack, are made of heavy-duty clear plastic and feature adjustable clips. They can be used to clip a skirt, shorts, or pants, or to stack a uniform dress on the hangers to save space and better organize your closet.

If the volume and size of the skirts in your wardrobe are becoming unmanageable, get a better handle on organization and storage. These highly durable and functional skirt hangers can help you do just that.