The best sign stakes for posting signs around your home

You’re worried about trespassers in your neighborhood but haven’t installed any security cameras yet. Luckily, sign stakes with written warnings also help deter crime even if your cameras aren’t up. We’ve gone ahead and tracked down the best sign stake brands you can trust to help you make a decision.

Yard sign stakes are typically designed in an H structure with two long legs and a horizontal bar that holds your sign up securely. How long the stakes are depends on what you’re setting up and how stable your surface is. Tough plastic and aluminum are the most common materials of choice, though heavy-duty steel metal sign stakes are also available.

Additionally, wooden sign stakes make solid structures that last for years. Keep in mind that some stakes only work with specific signs and others feature irreplaceable cards built into the stakes themselves. Let’s check out our recommendations before you decide.

Headline Sign Blank Yard Sign And H-Frame Ground Stake

Best Value Set

The Headline Sign stakes come in a value set of three white blank signs measuring 18 inches by 24 inches and convenient H-stake stands. Each sign is 4 millimeters thick and is made of tough, corrugated plastic. To use, apply 2-inch letters or peel-and-stick characters sold separately.

WaaHome Surveillance Sign with Metal Wire H-Stakes

Best Overall

The WaaHome sign stakes pack includes two camera-surveillance warning signs to help discourage potential home trespassers. A bright yellow smiley face and top line of text is an eye-catching sign every passersby will notice. Made of thick, corrugated plastic and waterproof, UV-resistant printing, this 10-inch by 14-inch sign will protect your property for years to come.

Signs Authority 24 Hour Video Sign

Best Heavy-Duty

This heavy-duty surveillance-camera warning sign from Signs Authority is a trespasser deterrent best used for safeguarding private properties. Short ground stakes form a stable anchor, while the aluminum panels keep it protected from all weather conditions. With a bright red background and contrasting white lettering, this reflective sign is an effective defense against criminals.

Sign stakes are commonly found on home and businesses’ front lawns to advertise, warn, or inform. When it comes to security, camera-surveillance warning signs are effective crime deterrents. Other popular uses include directing guests to appropriate parking or identifying which home is yours for guests who might be lost. Whatever your reason, there is a sign stake on our list to help you finish the job.