The best mulchers for your lawn

You can find plenty of standalone mulchers that turn fallen yard waste into nutritious plant food. If you want something a bit more efficient, you can find leaf blower and mulcher equipment combined into one. Think of it as a leaf vacuum mulcher: Taking up all of the leaves in one fell swoop and mulching them all at once, so you do not have another set of tasks to do after collecting the leaves.

A leaf mulcher will help you turn large bags of leaves into one compact bag. These mulchers will shred up your yard waste in no time, helping cut down on the number of bags you use to store all the mulch. Because of their efficiency and strength, you have to be careful. Never clean out a mulcher with the power cord plugged in and make sure the younger members of your family are not operating or playing with it.

WORX Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher

Best Bladeless

For a mulcher that cuts up your leaves and debris without a sharp blade to be afraid of, the WORX Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher is the perfect thing to help you out. The unique design allows you to add in your paper or plastic bag and have all of the mulch drop in right when it processes. The bladeless system uses Flex-A-Line that works hard enough to mulch eleven bags of leaves into one compact bag. This is also easily portable at a sturdy 20 pounds.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in1 Electric Leaf Blower And Mulcher

Best Multiuse

For those who want to get everything done with one handy tool, equip yourself with the BLACK+DECKER 3-in1 Electric Leaf Blower and Mulcher. It vacuums, blows, and mulches your leaves all in one device. It weighss 8.1 pounds and is ergonomically designed to be easy to wield around your yard for long hours. This tool has a 16 to one mulching ratio, which makes it great for heavy-duty mulching jobs. The blower goes up to 250 miles per hour.

YARD FORCE Electric Leaf Mulcher

Best Set

The YARD FORCE Electric Leaf Mulcher is a handy set including a hand rake set, 10 shredder replacement lines, a bungee cord, and safety goggles. The mulcher has a powerful 13-amp 8000 RPM motor with different settings for wet and dry leaves. You can adjust the legs for any terrain and the quick-change line can be replaced without tools, so you can have a non-stop mulching machine.

These mulchers will cut down the time and waste bags you use when you are out cleaning the yard. Get rid of all of the fallen leaves and twigs and efficiently get them down to size. You will feel refreshed when you see how clear your lawn is from the foiliage.