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The best ladder hangers for your garage organization

You always feel uneasy leaving your ladder propped up against the wall or lying on the bare floor. With an easy-to-assemble ladder hanger, storing your portable steps today is possible. To help you discover the right size and design hooks, we’ve listed the top brands here.

Ladder hangers for walls are large hooks that screw onto your wall or exterior siding. Various sizes accommodate a wide range of uses from storing landscaping tools to hanging ladders and mounting bikes onto the wall. Each hanger typically features a metal back with anti-slip rubber hooks for safety. On the lower end, ladder hanger hooks hold up to 25 pounds and can reach up to 77, depending on the size and material. Let’s deliberate and discuss our choices one by one.

Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hook

Best Multi-Size

The Incredikoo hook pack includes 12 hangers in assorted sizes from small to large. Its largest size holds about 50 pounds of weight, which is ample capacity for heavy ladders, tools, and bikes. This iron and PVC rubber hook is compatible with hardwood, concrete, plaster, and brick walls.

Smaid Garage Hooks

Best Value

We recommend Smaid’s 12-count set if you want a best value pack with assorted types, sizes, and uses. The kit also includes expansion tubes, mounting threads, and wide threads. Each hook is built with convenient dotted plates to make alignment quick. A PVC-coated hook prevents accidental slips.

Shepherd Hardware Heavy-Duty Steel Garage Utility Hooks

Best Overall

Shepherd Hardware’s ladder hooks are the best rated picks among verified users. Each set comes with five heavy-duty hangers in three sizes that can hold up to 25 pounds. The hooks are engineered from powder-coated steel that prevents rusting. Note that mounting screws are sold separately.

Ladder wall hangers are heavy-duty hooks that make vertical storage uncomplicated. Screw these onto the wall and safely store hefty items like gardening tools, bicycles, and ladders if you’re short on space. Try a set from our list today and discover how easy it is to keep your garage clean when you’ve got the right storage system.