The best pool table covers to care for your equipment

The reason that you need a pool table cover is very simple: The fabric on a pool table makes it a uniquely challenging item to maintain. The fabric tends to attract things like mold, mildew, and debris. If anything spills on it, it will create a mess that will not be fixed easily. Getting a cover will be able to stave off all of those problems with ease so you can keep playing without having to worry about all of that.

You can have different features that you look for in a pool table cover. You will want to make sure that the size you get will not only fit your pool table’s surface but will also allow for some overhang so that the legs and edges can be securely protected as well. If you want something that will simply keep dust off, a lighter cover may work well for you. Otherwise, a heavier cover will stay flush against the table and can keep out any dust or light.

EastPoint Sports Billiard Table Cover

Best Budget

If you want a quick solution for your pool table cover needs without breaking the bank, then the EastPoint Sports Billiard Table Cover is perfect for you. It measures 10 feet by 6 feet, so it can comfortably fit onto tables of up to 9 feet in length. It is constructed of a lightweight material with weighed down corners so that the cover can make sure that it stays on. The black cover also helps keep sunlight out.

Imperial NFL Pool Table Naugahyde Cover

Best Premium

This gorgeous Imperial NFL Pool Table Naugahyde Cover is a premium pool table cover that will show off your National Football League allegiance on top of keeping your billiard table safe. The fitted style cover makes it easy to secure around your pool table. It is made of Naugahyde, a prime artificial leather that will weight down on your pool table and securely stay on top of it. The Naugahyde also makes it more durable than heavy vinyl covers.

GSE Games & Sports Expert Leatherette Pool Table Cover

Best Quality

The GSE Games & Sports Expert Leatherette Pool Table Cover is the ultimate form of luxury for any pool table owner. The heavy-duty leatherette keeps this wrinkle free and safe from things like pets. The machine-sewed seams make this a durable cover piece that will stay secure through weighted corners and side table aprons.

Keeping your pool table safe and clean is the best way to increase its lifespan. A durable pool table cover means more than just protecting against dust and spills. It also protects the future of having fun memories around the pool table with your buddies. Keep that tradition and fun alive, and do not worry about the small stuff. Let the pool table cover take care of it for you.