The best curved shower curtain rods for your bathroom

While straight shower curtain rods serve their purpose, they don’t have the same visual interest as a curved shower curtain rod. You can add a contemporary look to your bathroom simply by opting for a curved model instead. It’s an easy fix if you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom in just a few minutes.

If you love a streamlined cohesive design, matching your shower curtain rod to your bathroom’s hardware is a great choice. Choosing a curved shower curtain rod in the same finish as your faucet looks elegant and polished, which can change the whole feel of your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Zenna Home Double-Curved Shower Rod

Best Double Rod

Zenna Home's Double-Curved Shower Rod is made from lightweight aluminum. Unlike some metals, aluminum will never rust, so you'll never have to replace your shower curtain rod due to discoloration. The double rod feature gives you a convenient place to hang your clothes and towels, or you can use it to hang a shower curtain liner to help keep your floor dry as you shower. It accommodates showers 45 to 72 inches, so it will work for most showers. All the hardware you need to install your new shower curtain rod is included.

iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

Best Matte Rod

Not everyone likes shiny shower curtain rods. If you prefer a matte finish, this curved shower curtain rod from iDesign is a good option. The sophisticated deep bronze color compliments any decorating style. This curved shower curtain rod fits showers between 41 to 72 inches, and it's made from stain-resistant steel. Best of all, you can install it in a matter of minutes by twisting it, extending the rod, and sliding it into place.

EXCELL Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Best Minimalist Design

Adjustable from 40 to 72 inches, this streamlined shower curtain rod is a breeze to install. After mounting the brackets to your wall, all you do is adjust it and snap it into place. EXCELL's curved shower curtain rod adds 12 inches of extra elbow room to your shower, so you'll never feel claustrophobic while you bathe. It's also rust-resistant, which is essential in a humid bathroom.

Installing a new shower curtain rod can give your bathroom an updated feel without breaking the bank. Curved shower curtain rods protect your floor from water and make your shower feel more spacious. You’ll enjoy the additional room to move a curved shower curtain rod offers.