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The best curtain hooks for quality and style

You can find very simple and unassuming budget options or go for a bit more of design in your choice. Some models feature applications and a teardrop shape that can help you add a décor accent for your bathroom. Find your favorite with these recommendations.

When considering the right option you might look for how many loops your curtain has and the length of your shower pole. You normally will find them in plastic and metal. Our selection includes only the best brands that use top-quality materials. We researched and selected the most durable and reliable options and put them together on this list.

Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks

Best Overall

Enjoy the smooth gliding action of the Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks, a heavy-duty option made with stainless steel and plated with polished nickel to prevent rust. Each set comes with 12 hooks, ideal for a 60- to 72-inch opening.

MAYTEX Double Roller Hooks

Best Double Hook

The MAYTEX Double Roller Hooks are the perfect option for those with a liner and an outside curtain. Each one gets its own hook for better spacing between the two, making drying faster and preventing mold and mildew. This set of 12 hooks is rust-resistant and friction-free.

iDesign Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks

Best Sturdy Hooks

Put some elegance into your bathroom with the iDesign Axis Metal Shower Curtain Hooks. This beautifully designed model is made from high-quality steel with a bronzed finish. They are smooth and stylish and have the ideal size to fit standard shower curtain poles.

Make showering a better experience with these amazing suggestions for the best curtain hooks on the market. Feel the difference every time you open and close your bathroom curtain with no friction and no rust. It’s easy to upgrade your shower experience in no time.

7 vibrant and vivid flowers to brighten your home in March
Cat sniffing daffodils on coffee table.

After a long and frequently gray winter, nothing gets your home ready for spring better than some fresh flowers. Bright-colored flowers and plants can brighten the entire feel of your home and get you prepared for spring cleaning and outdoor activities. Some flowers give off pleasant scents, and all flowers and plants freshen the air, so regardless of what variety you choose, you’ll be literally freshening up the vibe in your house. Flowers have also been found to improve your mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere, which can be necessary after a long winter inside. Check out our favorite seven vivid flowers to brighten up your home this March.

Daffodils are probably one of the most recognizable spring flowers out there. Though typically they are of the yellow variety, over 40 species of daffodils can be white, orange, red, or pink. Since daffodils bloom in early spring, they are a great flower to buy and display in a vase in your home in March. It should be noted daffodils are toxic to cats and dogs if consumed, so be careful if you have pets and make sure your daffodils are out of their reach.

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These incredible furniture paint colors will totally refresh your home
Woman painting chair yellow on deck outside.

If you’re thinking about remodeling the inside of your home, or even just a room or two, you are undoubtedly aware that the costs can escalate quickly. One way to give a room new life while cutting out some costs is to paint your existing furniture. Painting furniture costs a fraction of replacing furniture, and it can add a pop of color to your room. With a bit of DIY know-how and a little work, you can refresh an older piece of furniture to change the look of the room. If you’re interested in painting a piece or two of furniture, check out these go-to furniture paint colors.

Green is a natural color, so it makes sense that it's at the top of the list of favorite colors for painted furniture these days. Greens bring a peaceful and relaxing vibe to a room and are actually one of the most versatile colors out there. A shade like sage green will work well in a room with lots of muted colors like greys or browns, while a shade such as emerald green will create a focal point and bring attention to the piece. Whether you want to create a subtle mood or garner attention, you’ll be able to find a shade of green that works for you.

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6 surprising home color palette ideas on Instagram that actually work
all blue room with monochromatic color pallet

Are you considering refreshing your home this year? Choosing your color palette is always the most challenging part of planning a room design. But thankfully, Instagram offers a wealth of inspiration for unique and surprising color combinations. From vibrant tones that make a bold impact to updated classics, you’re sure to discover a professional design that will get your creative juices flowing. We scoured our social media feeds to find some of our favorite color palettes that you may not have considered before. These are six unexpectedly good color combinations to inspire you in 2022.

Chocolate brown and blue
Brown and blue are always a classic pairing. Give this color combo a 2022 upgrade by using a trendy chocolate brown with a cool blue like interior designer Rebecca Gibbs did in her home’s dining room. The contrast of the dark wood with the light blue hue of the wall gives the traditional color palette a much-needed upgrade. To take the look a step further, Gibbs topped the blue wood paneling with a gorgeous cream-colored botanical wallpaper, adding elegance and a touch of whimsy to the room.

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