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The best bird baths for your patio or garden

A bird bath is the best way to brighten up your day, as well as the local wild birds. A nice-looking decorative bird bath also makes your garden look more accomplished and feel welcoming to any guests, feathered or not. To help you find the right design, we’ve listed the top choices here.

If you need ideas for a bird bath, we suggest a few classic styles. A bird bath fountain is a popular modern style. It’s typically powered by the sun, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. The more traditional style is a pedestal bird bath composed of the base, the column, and the top bowl.

A hanging bird bath, on the other hand, is great for smaller birds and is hung by a hook via three chains locked onto a bowl. Let’s check out which style fits your tastes.

Quenta Free Standing 1.4W Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Best Eco-friendly

The Quenta bath is a solar-powered model that won’t eat up electricity or battery juice. This eco-friendly alternative to other styles is a great choice if you already have a water fountain but need a special accessory to spray water. This pump includes four different spray nozzles that vary in water height and spray shape. You might also use this for pools, ponds, and aquariums.

VIVOHOME Antique Green Bird Bath

Best Classic Vibe

VIVOHOME’s bird bath is a pedestal-style emulating antique, European designs. A bronzed patina and a scroll base details make this an elegant addition to your yard. Though it looks heavy duty and is made to last, it’s lightweight enough to carry, assemble, and disassemble easily. Covered in a resin coating, this model won’t fade, break, or dent easily.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath With Sparrow Statues

Best for Attracting Wildlife

The Best Choice Products bath is a lavish pedestal structure complete with two bird figures that attract new wildlife. Made from weather-resistant resin, you can leave it out in the yard year-round for visiting birds. To keep it extra stable, fill the column with water or another heavy material like sand. The bath stands 32 inches tall overall.

Birdbaths provide visiting fowl a place to relax, socialize, and play. In exchange for this treat, they might do your garden some favors like keeping insect populations in check and protecting your lawn from pests. To ensure your bird bath will last years, we listed weather-resistant, durable models that will fight through the elements no matter what.