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The best artificial turf for your pets

The synthetic fibers in artificial turf for pets tend to outperform natural grass because they won’t fade, spot, or turn brown. The artificial lawn is engineered to be durable and nonabsorbent, and it drains properly when it rains or the turf is rinsed with water. Get in on the benefits of a good synthetic pet turf by getting one of these leading pet turfs.

Artificial turf for pets or synthetic pet turf is ideal for dogs because they can’t dig any holes and won’t get any mud on their coats. Plus, artificial turf for pets is easy on budgets and easy to maintain, so it’s perfect for pet owners, too. When you’re ready to make pet ownership a bit easier, choose one of these top-notch pet turfs.

STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug

Best for Compact Spaces

If you only have a limited amount of space for a pet turf, consider the STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug. The ideal pet turf for compact spaces measures only 39.3 by 31.5 inches. The weatherproof, nontoxic, and multitone rug requires no assembly and can be rinsed with soap and water. Made of synthetic yarn, it features drain holes and rubber gaskets.

PETMAKER Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat

Easiest to Clean

Cleaning shouldn’t be a concern with pet turf, and with the PETMAKER Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat, it isn’t. The mat can easily be cleaned by rinsing its three layers with soapy water. Its three-layer system includes an odor-resistant, antimicrobial mat that sits on top of a plastic insert, which locks in to allow liquids to drain into a durable collection tray.

Zen Garden Artificial Grass Patch

Largest Surface Area

Need a big-pet turf? The Zen Garden Artificial Grass Patch is available in multiple sizes and can be cut to exact requirements, including large surface areas. Weighing more than 70 ounces, the grass patch is engineered to be lush and soft. Its four-tone blades — which are close to 1.7 inches in length — are designed to give the artificial grass a light and natural appearance.

To give your pets a no fuss-no muss place to “do their business,” get a good pet turf. These top-of-the-line artificial turf for pets and synthetic pet turfs are easy to clean and easy to deal with.