The best adhesive shelf liners for your kitchen cabinets and drawers

Adhesive shelf liners typically are easy to apply and easy to remove. The adhesives are engineered not to stick permanently and to come off without leaving behind a sticky residue. Many liners provide soft cushioning for your kitchenware or other household items. To help soften the blow of sifting through many available liners, consider one of these alluring and high-performing adhesive shelf liners.

In addition to helping organize and protect shelves, a good adhesive shelf liner helps decorate cabinets and other kitchen areas. They come in many styles, colors and widths, so the options are endless when it comes to nailing the right pattern or theme. These attractive and functional adhesive shelf liners can help you batten down a good buying decision.

Con-Tact Self Adhesive Shelf Liner And Privacy Film

Best Multipurpose

If you need an adhesive shelf liner that can be used in multiple ways, check out the Con-Tact Self Adhesive Shelf Liner And Privacy Film. The clear, self-adhesive and semi-transparent liner can be used on shelving, kitchen, or bathroom counters, cabinets, furniture, windows, crafts, bookcases, and doors. It’s suitable for applying on smooth and flat surfaces. The 18-inch-wide liner comes in a 9-, 20- or 60-foot-long roll.

The Macbeth Collection Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Best Value

To land a good adhesive shelf liner at a good price, get The Macbeth Collection Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner. The affordable two-pack features liners that are easy to clean and comes in an attractive rugby chevron graphite pattern. The multipurpose liners can be used in cabinets, drawers, cupboards, or refrigerators, or on bathroom shelves.

Smart Design Adhesive Shelf Liner

Best with Patterns

Seeking an adhesive shelf liner in appealing patterns? The Smart Design Adhesive Shelf Liner is available in a high variety of patterns and colors designed to add style to shelves, drawers, and closets. The liners are engineered to protect shelves, drawers, and flat surfaces from everyday wear and tear. The material is easy to cut to size and remove after use.

Protect your shelves and drawers from everyday wear and tear by applying a good adhesive shelf liner. These top performers promise to provide solid protection and hard-to-ignore patterns.