The best winter pool covers to defend against harsh elements

A pool cover may be a smart buy for you if pesky leaves and bugs are always finding their way into your pool. Covers help maintain pristine pool conditions if used in conjunction with the right chemicals. So come spring, you’ll have a clean pool to jump in!

Winter pool covers prevent debris from entering a pool. Sometimes they also protect against algae growth. When used in combination with the proper chemicals, you can jump right back into your pool come spring! Keep reading to learn about a few of your pool cover options.

Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

Best Heated Seams

The Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover is for round, above ground pools. Made of strong, durable polyethylene, this pool cover comes with a 12-year warranty. Its seams are heat sealed. This pool cover has a 4-foot overlap for simple placement.

Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover

Best Overall

Robelle’s Super Winter Pool Cover has a 4-foot overlap for easy installation. This above ground pool cover comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in several shades of blue, brown, and green. It is made of heavy-duty polyethylene. When you purchase this pool cover, you will also be provided with a winch and cable with which to secure the cover.

Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover

Best for In-Ground Pools

The Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover is intended for rectangular pools. It includes all needed hardware to attach it to concrete. It also comes with a bag for compact storage. This in ground pool cover has multi-seamed stitching for strength. Its stainless-steel hardware resists damage from the elements.

Winter pool covers can help you save a lot of time on pool maintenance. They are great for more than just preventing debris from entering a pool, too. They often block UV rays, hindering algae growth. They also can serve as a safety device, if solid, since they will prevent children from entering the pool.