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The best wind spinners for your garden

If you have an unused space in your garden, trouble with birds, or just need to add some whimsy, a garden spinner could be just the thing. Our top choices for garden windmill spinners come in a variety of materials, designs, and settings, allowing you to choose your garden design. Let’s take a look at these whimsical garden art pieces to find one you’ll fall in love with.

Garden spinners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small or large space, garden windmill spinners can help cover it. No matter the material — metal garden spinners or ones made with plastic in fun colors — our list of the top choices will help you find that little something extra that your garden needs. Let’s take a look and find just the right one for you.

SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner

Best With LED Lights

This solar wind spinner features a whimsical metal design with multicolored jewels and copper-toned metal cups. It spins in different directions, creating fun visual interest. The solar-powered light in the middle can glow in several different colors once the sun goes down, and the tall pole helps make placement easier.

Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheels

Best Value Pack

These small windmills offer good bird deterrents with brightly colored spinners designed to fool the eye and make wildlife uncomfortable. They're compact and fit into pots or other small containers, or you can line them up in a row. The strong stakes stay in place, and glittery rainbow colors create dancing lights in sunlight. They're 7 inches wide and are humane bird deterrents.

In the Breeze Butterfly Wind Spinner

Most Colorful Spinner

These adorable silk-screened spinners feature bright colors and a simple butterfly shape. Six colorful wings spin with the wind, and durable polyester means that the colors won't fade or tear in different environmental conditions. The fiberglass forms won't rust, and the plastic connectors are durable. It's mold- and mildew-resistant, too.

Garden spinners are a great way to deter animals humanely and brighten up dull garden spaces. The options on our list use a variety of environment-resistant materials to keep their color and stand the test of time. Find one that suits your purposes, and transform your garden space into a whimsical, fun environment full of interest.