The best white floating shelves to add storage with little effort

Just as with any other shelving unit, a floating shelf comes with its own benefits. It can hold items and decorations that did not have a place originally. It can add to a room’s bare walls without committing to a single look. It can easily have items that can be replaced for differing seasons or even through a child’s lifetime as they grow up and change their interests. Shelving units are also great for decorative storage of items such as books or memorabilia. Floating shelves simply add to the magic of all of that.

A floating shelf can be a great addition to a room for many different styles. A flat and simple white floating shelf can be a beautiful approach to a minimalist who would want a less cluttered look for their décor. If you have plants or small decorations to fill around your home, a box shelf may be the kind of framing you need for those precious items. Some may have a modern design with differing shapes or additives that will make it pop and become a statement in a room.

Melannco Floating Wall-Mount Ledge Shelves

Best Overall

The Melannco Floating Wall-Mount Ledge Shelves are a fantastic group of shelves that look like a traditionally designed ledge. The shelves are lightweight and easy to install with the included mounting hardware. With the whole set, you can either group them to feature a collection or have them all around the room to have a cohesive look while still maintaining variation through the differing lengths of each of the shelves. Place anything from books, pictures, or plants on them to instantly brighten up a room.

Melannco Floating Wall-Mount Cube Shelves

Best Cube Style

Looking for a quirky addition to spruce up a room? These Melannco Floating Wall-Mount Cube Shelves will do the trick. The boxed shelves have a fun aspect to them that is unusual and unique from having something traditional like a flat shelf. The shelves look great together because they look like a set of frames for a gallery wall. Hold small objects or books inside to frame them in a lightweight yet sturdy white wooden shelf. Easily install these wooden shelves and see for yourself how easily a room can be brightened up with the right décor.

Peter's Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves With Rails

Best With Rail

If you want a more secure floating shelf, then grab a set of Peter's Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails. The rail at the end of the shelf keeps items secured to the shelving unit. The shelf also comes with a towel rod at the end of it so that you can hang up hand towels in your bathrooms with ease. The floating effect still works because the shelving unit does not have any other supports that can be seen from the outside. This spacious rack will hold anything you need it to and keep those items organized for later use.

These floating shelves will be a big hit in your home for you and your family. The storage possibilities are endless, and it can be a fun way to spruce up your home décor without having to get big and expensive pieces. Your guests will marvel at how you got it to float, and you can smile in satisfaction that your home décor will be a big hit when entertaining guests.