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The best side tables for small spaces to transform a bland room

Depending on your overall taste and design, you might go for a side table that offers a lot of functionality with shelves or baskets. Or maybe you prefer something that really pops, like marble or mid-century modern design. Either way, we have some recommendations for you that are sure to fit your space and provide great accent.

A small living room can be really inviting and intimate. But it can also mean having a hard time finding the right furniture. And since most people assume that a small space looks better when it’s minimalist, they think a side table is an indulgence they can’t afford. But having the right side table can transform a room with just the right accent.

FURINNO Turn-N-Tube End Table

Best with Drawer

If you’re looking for a bedside table for a smaller bedroom, this one is great. It has a cute little drawer that’s really useful for keeping anything you need by your bed. It also has a lower shelf where you can keep a pile of books or a small lamp. It’s also a great side table for living rooms.

Nathan James Oraa Round Wood Side Table

Best with Basket

Baskets are great for when you need to avoid clutter but want more accent and color than a regular shelf or drawer. And this round table comes with a beautiful fabric basket that perfectly matches the wood top. It’s also removable if you prefer an open bottom shelf.

WE Furniture Company Side Table

Most Elegant Design

For a real “jazz-age” look, this is the side table for you. It’s beautiful and features faux-marble and gold legs that will really pop in any room. It’s a classy look at a fraction of the price of vintage pieces.

Just because you have a small living room or bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful side table. Actually, the opposite is true! A beautiful side table can attract the eye and take attention away from the size of the space. And of course, if your side table offers storage or shelves, it can help you eliminate clutter and make your space look even bigger.

21Oak Contributor
21Oak Contributor
No need for Starbucks: Our favorite coffee bar ideas for your home
From mug displays to crafty utensil storage, these coffee bar ideas are sure to inspire you
Woman in kitchen using pour over coffee maker

If you’re a coffee lover looking to save some money and avoid frequent trips to the local coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up, then you might be interested in an at-home coffee bar. Coffee bars are a great way to make grabbing a cup or morning joe easy while boosting your kitchen aesthetic. So, here are some wonderful coffee bar ideas to inspire your next DIY home project.
Classic coffee bar design ideas to try

The at-home coffee bar is a classic addition to many homes. If you want to revamp your space and add a coffee setup in your kitchen, you can look no further than these timeless ideas.
Display your favorite mugs
Displaying your favorite mugs is a tried-and-true design tip for the home coffee bar. Not only is this a great way to store your mugs and make them easily accessible, but it can also show off your personality and invite charm into your home. Use floating shelves, mug racks, wall hooks, and glass cabinet doors to display your best ceramics.
Blend modern and vintage styles
A popular aesthetic for the at-home coffee bar is creating a modern look with vintage touches. You can do this by using an alcove in your home with cabinets and a countertop that matches the rest of your kitchen and pairing it with vintage wallpaper or backsplash. Alternatively, you can pair a vintage cabinet with modern coffee equipment and utensils, such as a stylish Keurig and a pod organizer.
Use a bar cart
Bar carts are a must for many homeowners and apartment dwellers who need to save space. These versatile solutions are perfect for transitioning from morning coffee setups to evening gathering stations. Additionally, their mobility makes them great for storing them as needed or moving them around the home during a redesign.
Ideas for a small coffee bar

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10 incredible backyard privacy ideas that don’t require a lot of work
Get some peaceful outdoor time without breaking the bank
Backyard patio with pavers, plants, and furniture

As spring turns into summer, you're probably excited to start using your perfectly designed outdoor space. Part of enjoying the backyard is being able to enjoy some privacy as we eat, entertain, work, and lounge. If you're like many who have close neighbors or live in joined housing, you may be looking for new ways to add privacy elements to your outdoor space. The good news is that there are tons of backyard privacy ideas you can implement with relative ease — and they don't cost an arm and a leg. Not only that, but they can also enhance your backyard design with additional pops of color, texture, and interest.

Here are 10 simple ideas to give you some inspiration before your next backyard event!
Backyard privacy ideas for larger spaces

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Boho home decor: A guide to making this trend work for you
Global elements of past travels, crocheted blankets, and personal trinkets —here's what to know about boho decor
Boho-style living room

Boho design is all about celebrating global travels, an untethered lifestyle, and a laid-back persona. It's a fun, often surprising combination of colors, patterns, textiles, and furniture that, at first glance, may look like it doesn't mesh together. However, upon closer inspection, you find everything has a place, and that place means everything to its owner. People who love boho design are whimsical and eclectic, and the space they surround themselves with is a reflection of their personality.

So, what is boho decor? While it is clearly in the eye of the beholder and very personal, there are some general rules that apply when choosing colors, materials, and furniture pieces commonly found in this style. If you think it may be an aesthetic you could find yourself falling in love with, here are some easy ways to get started.
What does boho style look like?

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