The best outdoor pillows for adding flair to your porch

You can get decorative pillows for outdoor use in plenty of different colors, shapes, and sets. A set of throw pillows will make it convenient for you to buy a collection of pillows that already complement each other and create a cohesive look across multiple outdoor seating areas. If you have a pool in your backyard, you may also want fun, seasonal, and water-resistant pillows guests can sit on without soaking with water. There are pillows out there that will fit your lifestyle and look, so swipe through this list of the best.

There are a few characteristics to consider when you are buying outdoor throw pillows. For one, you will want to make sure that the upholstery on the pillow is made for the outdoors — acrylic or polyester are a few of the most suitable choices. These types of fabrics are made to withstand weathering and dirt more easily that plush and fuzzy fabrics. Then, it’s important to check into what kind of maintenance is needed for each pillow. You may want pillows that can easily be wiped down or have removable covers to throw into the washing machine.

Foamily Outdoor-Resistant Pillow

Most Durable Pillow

For those with pets, kids, and backyard pools, you are going to find different outdoor elements can potentially cause damage to your pillows. The Foamily Outdoor Resistant Pillow is able to withstand all kinds of wear, tear, and use. These pillows are mold-resistant with water-beading technology that ensures water and moisture don’t ruin your pillow.

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert

Easiest to Clean

Having to clean messy pillows over and over again can get tiring, so the Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert makes it easy for you to clean. All you need to do is wash the pillow covers in mild detergent or spot-clean for a quick fix for any stains and messes. The filling of these pillows is made of a siliconized fiber filling that will always stay plump and fluffy.

Top Finel Accent Throw Pillows

Best Value Pack

The Top Finel Accent Throw Pillows come in a set , coming in many different colors that can act as accent pieces. The variations in colors and patterns make for a complete set that work well in styling both alone and together. It’s also easy to tie a room together through these complementary colors when you placing around your backyard and porch. The canvas fiber covers are fade-resistant and stain-resistant, so you can keep using these stylish pillows all year round.

These outdoor decorative pillows will help you create a pleasant atmosphere by your pool or in your backyard. These pillows are made to be cozy, durable, and beautiful.