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The best outdoor pillows for adding flair to your porch

You can get decorative pillows for outdoor use in plenty of different colors, shapes, and sets. A set of throw pillows will make it convenient for you to buy a collection of pillows that already complement each other and create a cohesive look across multiple outdoor seating areas. If you have a pool in your backyard, you may also want fun, seasonal, and water-resistant pillows guests can sit on without soaking with water. There are pillows out there that will fit your lifestyle and look, so swipe through this list of the best.

There are a few characteristics to consider when you are buying outdoor throw pillows. For one, you will want to make sure that the upholstery on the pillow is made for the outdoors — acrylic or polyester are a few of the most suitable choices. These types of fabrics are made to withstand weathering and dirt more easily that plush and fuzzy fabrics. Then, it’s important to check into what kind of maintenance is needed for each pillow. You may want pillows that can easily be wiped down or have removable covers to throw into the washing machine.

Foamily Outdoor-Resistant Pillow

Most Durable Pillow

For those with pets, kids, and backyard pools, you are going to find different outdoor elements can potentially cause damage to your pillows. The Foamily Outdoor Resistant Pillow is able to withstand all kinds of wear, tear, and use. These pillows are mold-resistant with water-beading technology that ensures water and moisture don’t ruin your pillow.

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert

Easiest to Clean

Having to clean messy pillows over and over again can get tiring, so the Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert makes it easy for you to clean. All you need to do is wash the pillow covers in mild detergent or spot-clean for a quick fix for any stains and messes. The filling of these pillows is made of a siliconized fiber filling that will always stay plump and fluffy.

Top Finel Accent Throw Pillows

Best Value Pack

The Top Finel Accent Throw Pillows come in a set , coming in many different colors that can act as accent pieces. The variations in colors and patterns make for a complete set that work well in styling both alone and together. It’s also easy to tie a room together through these complementary colors when you placing around your backyard and porch. The canvas fiber covers are fade-resistant and stain-resistant, so you can keep using these stylish pillows all year round.

These outdoor decorative pillows will help you create a pleasant atmosphere by your pool or in your backyard. These pillows are made to be cozy, durable, and beautiful.

Good, better, best: Outdoor entertaining solutions your patio needs
patio color schemes outdoor black white lights resized

There's still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy family gatherings and neighborhood barbecues on the patio before the cold winter months settle in. While all you really need to enjoy the outdoors is a comfortable chair and a good book, if you love to entertain, you likely need a little more functionality.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your existing setup or completely remodel your space, there are a few solutions you'll definitely need, like lights, heating lamps, and tables to hold snacks and drinks. Most importantly, however, your guests will need somewhere to sit. Sectionals, love seats, and lawn chairs give you plenty of space to entertain, and your guests will be comfortable all night through. Not sure what set to pick? We did our research and ranked them below: Here are our good, better, and best options for stylish outdoor seating.
Good: Latitude Run Wicker/Rattan 8 Person Seating Group

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Good, better, best: Chair mats that will save your carpet from ruin
best carpet chair mats home office

You often see chair mats in offices and industrial spaces. However, chair mats are a great addition to a home office because they protect your carpet from excessive wear and tear, and they can allow your chair to move and glide with ease. Chair mats are also recommended for hard floorings, such as hardwood or tile, as even these surfaces can get scratched and show wear over time—they are designed to prevent scratches, skids, and scuff marks and are ergonomically designed to allow you to move about your space with your posture and health in mind.  
The Mind Reader Office Mat is a great place to start. It is designed for hard floors only, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and concrete. Do not use this product on any carpeted surfaces. This office mat is durable and is designed to stay put on hard floors thanks to its has anti-slip texture. Another key feature is that it is made using nontoxic 100 percent polyethylene, making it odorless and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. It is also free of lead, tin, and other metals. 

The dimensions of this mat are 48 inches (length) x 36 (width) x 0. 1 (height.) It is available in two colors: Clear if you want it to blend in with your flooring or black for a sleek design. As a bonus, if you are a Prime member, it ships for free!

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Choosing the best desk for your home office
home office with desk

The home office may have been a forgotten space tucked away in a small spare room with a hodgepodge of pieces selected with little thought or style in years past. Today that has all changed, and our offices are as important to our lives as our living rooms. One of the biggest components of a home office is the desk. Since it is likely the largest piece of furniture in the space, you want it to be functional and add to the overall aesthetic.

There are a few questions you need to ask before you make a desk selection. What are your expectations for the desk? Meaning, does it need to have a lot of storage or huge working space? Do you need drawers, or would you prefer a more minimal look? There are several different kinds of desks, and you will want to get the one that fits in best with your style and work needs. Below, we offer our picks for each category.
Writing desk
These are generally very minimal, with a large, flat surface perfect for working on a laptop. Typically, this desk does not offer a lot of storage, but it gives your workplace an airy, uncluttered feel. The Sloan desk from World Market features a warm wood finish with sleek, U-shaped antique gold metal legs.

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