The best outdoor curtains for your patio

Pick the right curtain for you based on the look of your patio, the time of day you most use your patio, and based on any functionality you may require additional shade, light, or privacy.

Outdoor patio curtains offer privacy and shade in the mornings, but you may also be looking for ideas on how else to use curtains to flare up the look of your space. Our list has some heavy-duty outdoor patio curtains, LED light curtains, and a variety of colored curtains, so we have some great ideas on how to style your space.

NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain For Patio

Best Solid Curtain

Available in 7 colors and 11 different sizes, this highly durable, weatherproof curtain will offer you protection from the harsh sun and rain, but also will provide a sense of simplistic style to your patio. This curtain is made from tough polyester, therefore is weather resistant and offers insulation and protection from water. The grommets are also rust proof to ensure it can hold up to the outdoor elements.

Outdoor Decor Semi Sheer Voile Panels

Best Sheer Curtain

This sheer polyester curtains, comes in five semitransparent colors and adds a hint of sophistication to your patio. This curtain comes in one of four sizing options, and is weather resistant, keeping you dry on a rainy day.

Lighting EVER LED Curtain Lights

Best Decorative Outdoor Curtains

This is a truly interesting and defining piece for your patio. The Lighting Ever LED, is a curtain of LEDs that consist of 18 strands of wires, each with 17 LED bulbs. The LED curtain has 7 blinking modes and a stay-on modes. The set-up is safe and does not produce heat. This is a great piece, over your patio entrance, over a window or on top of your patio framing.

Choosing items for your patio can be decorative and functional. These curtains are versatile and offer unique advantages. If you are looking for additional shade or weather protection, the NICETOW and Sheer Voile Panels are great additions for daytime use. The LED curtains provide a stunning evening atmosphere and make a bold statement when entertaining.